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Empires & Puzzles: Alliances

When Can I Join An Alliance?

When you reach Player Level 4.

Why Should I Join An Alliance?

Social benefit to a chat board with less people - and your fellow alliance members will be able to offer you game advice.  You also get to fight Titans together, which leads to loot!

There’s an alliance out there for everyone, just look around.  Alliances range from being very game focused to very social; chatty or quiet.  There are even some alliances that are specifically set up so new players can get help getting started!

Do consider joining an alliance instead of starting your own right away.  There’s a lot of competition to gather alliance members, and you have to be really proactive to collect a full team.  Also, playing with an established team for a little while will help you learn things to pass onto your future alliance members should you decide to pull together a team.

How Do I Find An Alliance?

There’s 4 good options for finding an alliance

There’s a dedicated Alliance Recruitment Chat in game! Tap the options button at the top of your screen in global chat to find it.

  • Hang out in Global!  Alliances will pop up recruitment posts regularly in global chat.  This gives you the benefit of getting to chat with the person trying to recruit.
  • Check out the alliance recruitment section of the forums!  Here players will post descriptions of their alliance.  People will highlight the best features of their group (eg- social, focused, helpful, relaxed)
  • Using the alliance search feature in the game.  Tapping Menu - Alliances - Search (with search bar blank) will bring up a list of alliances with space.

To learn more about a group you can view the alliance to see its stats & see more info about the players in that alliance by clicking on the player pictures.  It’s a good idea to take a look at when the players were on last.  A good alliance will have people logging in daily, or even more frequently.  Some alliances are invite only, you will have to send a request to these alliances, as there is no way to send an invite as yet.  Please note that the game will not allow them to accept your request if you are currently part of another alliance!  As well, there is no invite functionality in the game at this time!  If you wish to join an alliance you will have to use the search feature to find them and join.  (See #3 above for use of the search feature.)

Why Do Some Alliances Require A Certain Number of Cups?

Often those alliances are working hard to climb the leaderboard or

** You don’t have to start in a top alliance!  Find one that suits you and have fun!  If you find your alliance isn’t a good fit later on you can leave and search for a new one.

Alliance Scores

The alliance score is a combination of the trophies of the members, as well as the points earned from fighting titans.  The points gained from titan battles decrease over time.  You can get a breakdown of an alliance score by tapping the ? button beside the score listed on an alliance’s summary.

Roles Within Alliances

Leader - The current leader, and sometimes the creator, of the alliance. Can promote members to elders, co-leaders, or leader.  Able to kick anyone in the alliance, and change the alliance description, and accept new members.     One leader per alliance.

  • Co-Leader - Can promote members to elders, ability to kick elders and members, can change the alliance description, & accept new members.  Alliance may have unlimited co-leaders.
  • Elder-   Can accept new members, can kick members.  Alliance may have unlimited elders.

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