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Empires & Puzzles: Base Info

Keep building those buildings!  Resources are key for advancing in this game.  Here’s some info on some of the buildings:

Houses: These hold the recruits that you collect from map levels and completing quests.  Recruits are used up by the training camps to create new heroes

Farms and Mines: These produce food (aka hams) and iron.  The more you level these the more they produce each hour, and the more they can store.  The higher storage is especially helpful if you aren’t able to collect often.  The food and iron in these buildings can’t be used for anything until after it is collected.  You can collect any time by clicking on the building, not just when it tells you to!

Food and Iron Storage Facilities: That’s all these buildings do.  Levelling these increases the maximum amount of iron or food you can store/use at any given time.  (Food and iron that are still in your farms and mines aren’t able to be used until they are collected.)  Your maximum storage for each resource can be found by tapping the food and iron bars at the top of your screen on your Base or Map screens.

As you want to build higher level buildings, and research higher level training camps and forges, you will need higher and higher amounts of food or iron available.  If your max storage isn’t high enough to accommodate the requirements of the building you want, then you will have to upgrade your storage buildings accordingly, and add new ones as they become available.


Any building in your base can only be built up to a level equal to that of your stronghold.  New areas open up in your base when the stronghold gains levels 3, 5, 8, 11, 15, and 20.  As a point of interest, the Devs have said that the first 30 troops that you start with in the game are housed in the stronghold.

After the tutorial you have 5 slots available to build a farm, iron storage, and food storage.

  • At level 3 you can add: farm, mine, food storage, forge.
  • At level 5 you can add: house, farm, training camp, iron storage.
  • At level 8 you can add: forge, iron storage, farm, mine.
  • At level 11 you can add: farm, training camp, house, food storage.
  • At level 15 you can add: farm, mine, iron storage, forge.
  • At level 20 you can add: house, training camp, farm, food storage.

** At level 10 you get access to the barracks.  It is an advanced building that you build over top of an existing lvl 5 building. Building over a forge is recommended.  More details on the barracks below!

Training Camp

Training camps use recruits, food, and items to train heroes. When upgrading your training camps - don't waste resources on research you don't need.  Key levels are 1, 2, 4 (until 11 is available), 11, 12 (lv13 is probably preferable, but much higher cost for resources), 13, 20.

** a note on research- once you research a level you will be able to use it in all your training camps, not just the one you did the research in

Training Camp broken down by levels:

Forges & Research

Forges allow you to create battle items by  combining resources with ingredients obtained while playing the game.  As with your Training Camps, you can pick and choose which levels of the forge you wish to research.

**** a note on research- as with the training camp, once you research a level you will be able to use it in all your forges, not just the one you did the research in

Forges Broken Down By Levels:

**If a description isn’t provided, then you can find the information in the game shop under battle items. Or click here to go to the corresponding page in the wiki for more detailed information. (Item description, required resources to craft items, how many of each item can be equipped in a slot.)

  • Lv 2 - minor mana
  • Lv 3 - antidotes ** remember, 1 vial will cure your whole team of negative status effects!  Not just poison!
  • Lv 4 - arrow attack
  • Lv 5 - healing potion
  • Lv 6 - bear banner
  • Lv 7 - turtle banner
  • Lv 8 - axe attack
  • Lv 9 - potent healing potion
  • Lv 10 - mana potion
  • Lv 11 - super antidote
  • Lv 12 - bomb attack
  • Lv 13 - revive scroll
  • Lv 14 - dragon banner
  • Lv 15 - super healing potion
  • Lv 16 - dragon attack
  • Lv 17 - super mana potion
  • Lv 18 - time stop (all enemies lose 100% mana and have their attack delayed by 3 turns- delays are cumulative!)
  • Lv 19 - tornado (all heroes gain 50% mana and board is shuffled)
  • Lv 20 - miracle scroll

Uncertain where to find a crafting material?

Click on the image of an item when in your forge or inventory to find out where you can find it!

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