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Empires & Puzzles: Base Info

Don’t forget to equip battle items depending on your needs!  This is done the same place where you edit your teams.  (More info further down the guide.)

Also, you are able to equip a different battle item setup for each team!


Building a watchtower allows you to participate in raids.  This allows you to attack other players teams (controlled by AI while they are offline); it also allows them to attack YOU.  Killing opponent’s heroes will fill the heroes chest for the wanted missions.  Only the food and iron stored in your watchtower is vulnerable to being stolen when you are raided.  While this building can be a source of income, it is quite expensive to build when compared to farms and mines.  If you aren’t using it to it’s full storage capabilities it may not be a good deal.

**more on raids and cups further along in guide**

The watchtower’s food and iron revenue comes from the outposts that you conquer at the end of certain provinces.  Levelling your outpost will give a % production increase of these resources, and increases how much your watchtower can hold at once.


This the advanced building that allows you to level up your troops!

The requirements for building a barracks are a lvl 10 Stronghold, 250k iron, and any level 5 building to build your barracks over the top of (you can’t put it on an empty lot).  You are only able to have one of these buildings at a time.

If you meet the above criteria, then select the building that you wish to build your barracks over top of.  Once built, you will be able to change back and forth between your new barracks and your old building (it’s free!).  Each building will retain its levels when you do this.  It is worth noting that you lose the storage or revenue of resources from buildings that you write over top of.  Many people are choosing to overwrite their extra forges.  It is possible to convert back to the original building and select a new building to build over.  All buildings will maintain their level. The game doesn’t allow you to build over iron storage, because it creates issues with having enough storage available to continue to progress through the game.

When you tap on the building you will see an icon with two arrows that says convert.  This is what you need to tap to get your build started.  It’s also the button you will use to change it back to the original building.  Be aware that you will be unable to convert a building if your builder is busy with another building!

10 is the max level of the barracks.  The stronghold requirement increases as you level up your barracks.  At each level of barracks there is a maximum that you can level a troop to, and the max level is variable depending on the rarity of the troop.

Example, using a Lvl 2 Barracks, maximum you can level a hero to is:

  • 1* - lvl 10    2* - lvl 7    3* - lvl 5    4* - lvl 3

The info regarding levelling troops is in the Troops section of this document!

Mystic Vision

Clicking on the purple and white play button sends you to watch a 30-second advertisement.  Afterwards you get a small amount of loot.  There is a slim chance of getting ascension items too!

Can I Delete A Building?

No.  But don’t worry!  This game really hand-holds for building. You can't really do it wrong. Build what you can & level up as you go.  If you want to move your buildings around tap and hold the building you want to move, then tap the new destination for your building.

Current maximum building level is 20.

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