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Walkthrough 2

Empires & Puzzles: Battle Stuff

An invaluable aid during a raid or battle is that you can tap and hold on an opponent to find out total hp, current hp, special ability, and any buffs or debuffs currently on that hero and when they will run out.  You can tap and hold on your own heroes to get these stats as well.

** Note!  You may have any number of special statuses active on your heroes or your opponents at the same time.  However, you can’t stack enhancements (buffs/nerfs) that affect the same stat on the heroes or monsters.  To clarify, please see some examples below.

**Changes have been made with version 1.6! **

** Please see the inset for details!**

Example 1: two heroes (any colour; identical or not) each have special abilities that add to the attack power of your team.  First you trigger hero A’s special of +52% attack power, then afterwards you trigger hero B’s special of +35% attack power.  The two enhancements do not stack to give you +87% attack power.  Instead the special ability of the second hero to cast will take precedence.  In this case that means you would only enjoy the benefit of +35% attack power.

Example 2: a hero that increases attack power by +35%, and a bear banner that adds +25% to attack power.  Again, the two both act on the same statistic, so they will not add together.  The second one triggered will be the active enhancement, regardless of which one is stronger.

Example 3: This is the exception! Hero Wu Kong does allow stacking of enhancements!  Also, Captain Boomer does allow a general increase to defence in addition to his special of increased holy defence.

With various updates (up to 1.6.3) Special Skills from Athena, Kiril, Brienne, and buffs from the dragon banner no longer stack with other skills or banners that affect attack power or defense!  They now follow the basic rule that you can’t have 2 active buffs/nerfs for the same stat.

There is an auto attack that can be used in map and titan battles.  It is the fast forward symbol (two triangles) in the top right corner of your battle screen.  You still see the battle being played, and you can tap the auto battle button again to take back control.  The computer won’t use any items.  Only use this on levels that are very easy to beat, because the auto battle AI isn’t intelligent at all.  Over time this button will get more useful for farming as your strength increases, and higher levels get easier to beat.

If you have decided to take two or more of the same colour heroes when attacking, then the gem energy gets applied to each hero in full.  It is not split between them.  The other thing about taking multiple heroes of the same colour into a battle is that only one of them will take damage if you hit a character that has a reflect type damage on them!  You might do this to increase the gem and special damage of the colour strong against the titan or monsters you are fighting, and then leave out the hero matching the colour that does weak attacks.  (Remember, gems will do 1hp damage from that colour though!)

There is a flee button in the top right corner of your battle screen.  Use this  button and you gain no loot, resources, or recruits from the current battle.  However, any heroes you take down while raiding will count towards opening the wanted missions heroes/monsters chests, even if you use the flee button!


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