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Empires & Puzzles: Heroes

Heroes can be summoned from the Summon gate, trained in your training camps, and occasionally purchased from the special shop. For a complete list of 2*-5* heroes, their stats and abilities, please follow the link to Artemis’s spreadsheet!

Levelling Heroes

  • Don't waste resources on 1* heroes. You’ll want to replace these as soon as possible, because they die easily.
  • Best levelling (most experience and best chance of special skill improvement) is using identical characters (25% chance to increase skill).
  • Second best is using all the same colour characters (gives better xp than using other colour).
  • You can use mixed colours but the experience gained and chances of special skill improvement are both very low.
  • Training 10 at a time raises the % chance of your hero’s special ability going up, but a lot of people get lucky when feeding fewer heroes at a time (eg. enough heroes of any colour that together would give a % chance to increase around 18-24%).
  • It isn’t possible to train a hero up in stars. A 1* hero will always be a 1*
  • Do take the time to mark heroes as favourites! A hero marked in this way can’t be accidentally used to level up another hero.  To do this access your heroes roster (the page you go to to level heroes).  Tap on the hero you want to mark as a favourite.  Just above the hero’s card is a faded out lock, with the word favourite beside it.  When you tap the lock it changes to white. Done!

Trainer Heroes

Trainer heroes can be won as rare loot, or from a special bundle in the shop.  Trainer Heroes give a huge XP boost when used in levelling up, and do give an extra 20% xp when used to level up same colour hero.  There are 1, 2, & 3* trainer heroes.  (Have just seen a 4* trainer hero as a quest reward in beta! (Nov 1017)  Trainer heroes can be equipped to be used in battle, and are already maxed out for levels.

If you have a hero that is fully ascended and levelled you can still feed it other heroes if its special ability isn’t maxed.  Just watch, because ascension materials for 4* and 5* heroes are very rare, and you’ll want to do what you can to avoid not having the special ability maxed when you get to the point of having to wait for those ascension materials!  If you would like to see the max stats for 4* heroes at tier three, and max stats for 5* heroes at tiers 2 and 3, please take a look at this link. This link also shows what materials are required to ascend the heroes at these tiers.

Where do you get ascension materials?  You can get some from opening wanted mission chests, mystic vision, completing quests, and killing titans (odds probably go up if you get a high grade for your effort in killing the titan, and the level of the titan).  If you are looking for high boots most people will send you somewhere in province 12, and to province 13 for chain shirts.

Summoning Heroes

List of Summons:

About the limited time hero of the month!  This hero can be gained as a bonus summon from any epic or elemental summon.  The first hero of the month is Hel, Princess of the Underworld!  Bonus summon means that for every elemental or epic summon you do, you will receive not only a regular hero, but you have a chance of getting the monthly hero as well!  So a 10x summon from either of these categories will give you 10 regular heroes, and 10 chances to get the hero of the month!

Elemental Summons (300 gems): 3* and higher heroes of the colour that is on special at the moment, with a higher chance of Legendary (5*) heroes.  [The colours will cycle through the following order: red, blue, green, yellow, purple.]  This summons is probably the best use of gems, as you can wait for the colour you most need to come up and then try your luck.

Epic Summons (300 gems): 3* and higher heroes, randomized for colour.  Keeps you from having to wait for the colour you want to come up in an Elemental Summons, but only really helpful if any colour would help you get ahead.

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