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Empires & Puzzles: Heroes

Epic Troop Summon (200 gems): 3 & 4* troops.  This seems to be the only way to get 4* troops.

Daily Summons (150 gems): Don’t waste any money on these!  You will get lots of them through gameplay, and of course one daily as well.  If you’re really, really lucky it might toss out a 3* hero or troop to you (a 3* is the max!).  Otherwise, just consider them a fodder donation for levelling heroes.

*** All summons draws are completely random! ***  Also, if you do a 10x summon they all roll at once.  So if you do a 10x elemental summons you will get 10 heroes of the same colour!

Gems and tokens for any level of summons can be won from titan battles, opening the chests from the wanted missions (chests) in your town screen, Mystic Vision, Quests, and facebook contests put on by Empires & Puzzles.

Bonus: the Summon Gate can be used like a catalogue to flip through the heroes.  You can get a look at the fully ascended and levelled stats of any hero.  Click the little  mark if you want more details on their special abilities.  Or use Artemis’s lovely spreadsheet for hero stats!  (Didn’t do anything with 1*s because you are just using them to feed to bigger heroes.)

Setting Up Your Hero Teams

You can build 3 teams.  (Menu, Heroes, Edit Team - swipe left/right to view different teams)  Some players build different teams for different purposes.  Common teams are based on 1 - map/raid attacks, 2 - titan attacks, 3 - defence.

** You can use the same hero in more than one team!

When editing your team you can also equip battle items and troops! Do this by tapping on the picture of the troop or item you wish to change.  Items and troops won’t automatically appear in these slots.


One team must be marked defence. The team marked defence is what gets attacked when you are raided.  The positioning of your heroes matters in your defense team.  When first starting out put your strongest dead centre & weakest at the edges.  (New players - put your Bane front and center on your defense team! He’s the best you have for taking the hits!)  When you are being raided, the centre gets hit most in attacks, the far sides are hardest to hit. When you get a stronger team you'll probably put strongest dead centre & heavy hitters far sides with healers or weaker heroes in the other 2 spots. On your defense team choose your strongest heroes/best combination of special skills.  Your defense team does not depend on gem matches to hurt opponents, so you do not have to worry about having one of each colour.

With the teams you use when you are raiding, battling titans, or doing map fights you will most often want to have one of each colour hero on your team.  If any colour is missing, the gems of the absent hero will only do 1 damage.  There are times you might make a strategic choice to eliminate a colour.

You can play around with the combination of heroes and their special abilities.  By raiding you will get a feel for what the other heroes can do.

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