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Empires & Puzzles: Raids

Raiding lets you take a team to fight against another player’s defense team (controlled by an AI) to win cups and resources from them.  Raiding uses raid energy, represented by the blue flags at the top of your base and map screens.  Raid energy refills at a rate of 1 point per hour.  You can have a max 6 energy ready at any given time, regardless of level.  You can only raid people that are currently offline.  To refill your raid energy you can make a purchase at the store, or use an energy flask won from a mission chest, mystic vision, or from titan loot.

Winning raids will award you with iron and food from your opponent’s watchtower.  Any of your opponent’s heroes that you kill will count towards opening the heroes wanted mission chest.

Winning or losing your raid will affect the number of cups (aka trophies).  If you attack someone with more cups than you, there is lower risk, with higher potential gain.  (If you lose the battle you won’t lose many cups, if you win the battle you will gain many cups.) On the other hand, if you attack someone with less cups than you then there is greater risk, with lower potential reward. (If you lose the battle you can lose many cups, if you win the battle you will win a small number of cups.)  Raiding players with a low team power and low cups may still be desirable if you are trying to fill your chest for your heroes wanted mission.  ** Update from version 1.4.2 **  You can now see how many trophies you can gain or lose before you start a PVP battle!

Your opponents are randomly drawn from players that are within 300 cups up or down from your number of cups.  Team power does not come into the equation for selection of opponents.  You can reroll opponents if you wish, though this will cost you an amount of food equal to 100 x the level of your stronghold.

At this time, cups are pretty much for bragging rights only.  They give you and your alliance a higher standing on the leaderboards.  Alliances will also use number of cups to vet candidates coming in.

Your watchtower will keep a record of your most recent raid activity.  It will show the fights where you were the attacker, and the players that you defended against.  If someone attacks and you lose that battle, then you will see a revenge button by your name.  The revenge button will not show up if you previously attacked that player, and they chose to revenge your attack.  (You can’t revenge a revenge.)

Raid Timer

There is a raid timer of 10 minutes.  If the raid timer runs out the defender always wins.  The timer is intended to simply terminate a battle in the case that the player is not active.   If the battle is taking a lot of turns both attacker and defender will eventually start to gain notable bonuses to their attacks.

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