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Empires & Puzzles: Titans

What is a Titan?

It’s a really big, strong enemy that you and your alliance battle together.  You will get a little extra loot from battling them even if they get away.  More if you defeat it! Killing titans also gives you a kill point towards opening the chest for the titan wanted mission.  As a note, you will gain no loot or kill point if you don’t hit the titan, or you are not within your alliance when the titan dies.

Attacking a Titan costs alliance energy, which are represented by the purple flags at the top of your screen.  These regenerate at a rate of 1 flag every 4 hours.  The number of alliance energy points does not increase with player levels. These alliance points do refresh when you gain a player level, and occasionally you can buy alliance flasks to refill alliance energy at the special shop in game.  The alliance flask can also be obtained from opening chests of wanted missions, mystic vision, and as titan loot.

Your alliance has 22 hours in which to kill a titan.  If you kill it early you still have to wait the full length of time for the next one.  The new titan will spawn 23 hours after the previous one, so there’s always a minimum of an hour between titans.  Titans scale up as you successfully defeat each titan.  The time it takes to defeat the titan does not impact on how the titans scale up.  (Confirmed directly by Petri.)

Talk within your alliance and with other players to see what titan strategies they’ve got.  Here’s a few to get you started!

  • If you send 3 or more gems up into the weak spot that is marked on the titan then you will stun it for a turn.
  • take a moment to tap the ? on the titan’s screen beside the label Special Skill.  This will let you know if you need to bring antidotes for the fight.  Remember, any antidote will remove any negative stat modifier for all of your heroes!
  • In a titan fight gems in the outside columns won’t hit the titan.  Only gems that go up from the 5 central columns will actually hit
  • arrows are awesome!  Cheap, and easy to make.  Any time a titan misses your heroes is a real bonus!

* It’s been confirmed through Small Giant that the highest available titan currently available in the game is a 10.

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