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Empires & Puzzles: Troops

How do I get troops?

You gain troops from Daily Summons (up to a 3*), from Epic Troop Summons (up to 4*), as loot from battles, & from wanted mission chests.

How Do I Assign Troops To A Hero?

Tap the Heroes button on the main menu. Next click Edit team - then click on the picture of fighters below a hero. Your troop options will come up for that colour. Click on them to see what they add to your hero. Click on "done" at top of page when you've assigned the one you want. Do that for each troop below each hero.  Any time you change a hero remember to add your troop back on!

What do troops do for me?

Troops add to the strength of your heroes.  The previous compendium version recommended watching your team power as you switched troops to help gauge which one would benefit you most.  Now, with the ability to level troops, and the new boosts for them, this feature might not give you the full picture.  I’d recommend trying global chat, or the forums to get ideas from other players.  Rare and Epic troops have special effects including healing effect increase, mana gain increase, and health increase!

Training Troops Using the Barracks

Training troops is very similar to training heroes.  Select the troop you wish to level up.  Once selected you can see the maximum level that troop can attain from your current level of stronghold.  At the bottom of the screen will see the troops that you can use to level up.  For troops, you are only able to train with same coloured troops.  You can use up to 10 troops to level with at a time, but there is no advantage to doing this.

Maximum Level By Troop Rarity:

  • 1* - 10    2* - 15    3* - 20    4* - 30!

Until the wiki is updated, you can use the summon gate to see stats at max level.

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