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All endings game Beholder

Ending 1

After settlement of Georg Dreyman and his wife Christa-Maria, you will have the opportunity to talk with the man. Learn more about travel abroad. This will start the quest "To go or not to go." Passport is not necessary to travel. But passport will allow you to save money on your trip. You can get passport in exchange for Volner’s drawings that you give Albert Meynike.

Then George will tell you how many people ready to help you. If you find this money, then you successfully reach the other country.

Ending 2

You can’t give him the money and take the risk to travel. In this case, you will be caught and execute. And kill your family.

Ending 3

At the end of the game will be the task "Coming control." If you do not break the rules, then the check is successful. You can bribe the man at the front of house. You will need to give $ 60,000.

Ending 4

If you don’t pass the test, you will be in the prison.

Secret ending

Look at the mailbox and turn the paper. Click on the label in the upper left corner to push it and find a room. Call it. Tell that you have been passed the game. Watch the cut-scene secret.

More about endings

All endings are consisted of several parts. First, you will learn what is happened in the country, then - on the front line (the war), and after - what is happened to Carl and his family. Above it was described what happened with Carl.

If you want that the Ministry and the current government win, you need not help George Danton. Also, you can donate $ 40 000 at the end of the game on the needs of the government (the man is near the house after the start of the quest "Coming check").

To win the revolution (George Danton and "New Tomorrow"), you have to help George, and do not donate money to the government at the end of the game needs.

If you want the war, you should not give drawings to Albert.

If you want to see the ending, when the war ends, give drawings to Albert. It is very important not to give money to the military! Otherwise, the war will continue.

By the way, Carl may to live alone. For this his family must to die. Carl can go abroad one to Patrick.

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