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Endings Dark Souls 3

In total, there are four different endings of the game Dark Souls 3. You must select the action or follow specific quest lines to get each of them. Below you'll learn how to get each of the endings. We will also show you a video in which you can see a final video game.

ATTENTION!!! It is quite obvious that the video shown below and the description of the different endings open narrative features of the game. If you want to familiarize all alone with the plot, it is best not to read the information below.

The first ending - basic

To get this ending, you must make a fire after the victory over the Soul of Cinder. Just walk up to the fire, and then click "Yes". There are no additional requirements. This is the main final.

The second ending. "The ending of the flame" (main)

To get this ending, you must find an eye on locations Dark Firelink Shrine. They are hidden behind the illusory wall in the corridor of a blacksmith. Once you have eye, go back to the fire guard and give him the eye.

Now go through the game to the end and defeat the bosses Soul of Cinder. By doing this, do not interact with the fire. Instead, look to the left from the fire and see a sign that allows call guards of fire. Call her to see this ending.

The third ending. "The ending of the flame" (alternative)

And again, like last time, you need to look in the eyes Dark Firelink Shrine. They are behind the illusionary wall in the corridor of a blacksmith. Give these eyes guardian of fire. Defeat boss Soul of Cinder at the end of the game. Do it and not make the fire. Look to the left side of it and you'll see a symbol that allows call the guardian of fire. Call her to start the previous ending, like the last time.

IMPORTANT! Within eight seconds, when the screen is dark, attack the guardian of the fire. So you can get a completely different denouement.

The fourth ending. The usurpation of the flame

Get this ending is quite difficult. You need to do a quest line Yoel Londora and Yuri Londora. Just need to fulfill quests of Henry Astor. The video below shows all the steps that you must perform to obtain such an ending. In fact, you will become the Lord of the entire world.

Will you marry Anry, and then will take the flame from the fire at the end. Talk to Anry in each of the locations shown in the video below.


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