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Essences of the Chosen in Darksiders 3

Where to find all Essences of the Chosen and additional bosses in the game Darksiders 3

The world is divided into several parts in Darksiders 3. There are locations that you must pass for the plot. There are also many places that are hidden. At such locations you can find a lot of interesting items, various objects and artifacts of Angels or Demons, people, hiding places and much more. With the help of the Essence of the Chosen, you can pump your weapons to the limit level.

How to pump weapons:

You need to choose one branch with active or passive skill. Use the found artifacts of Angels and Demons. Their number depends on the level of pumping weapons. You will need 12 artifacts to pump one branch. You will need to spend 12 opposing artifacts and the Essence of the Chosen for maximum improvement.

Kill one (out of five) additional boss to get the Essence of the Chosen.

You can buy one more Essence of the Chosen from Vulgrim, after the victory over Pride. The cost is 5000 souls.

Chosen Agony

Go to the pedestal "Western end". You will find yourself on the street where you fought with Envy. According to the plot, you must go to the underground parking inside the building. You need to cling to the pipes to jump over the hole. But look to the right inside the building. Pay attention to the elevator shaft. It is located next to the flight of stairs. The walls of the shaft are covered with ice. Use the Stasis hollow to build on the walls.

Raise the Angels artifact from above. There is a purple path on the ceiling, use the Force hollow. You will get to the new place in the form of a ball. The Chosen Agony will be waiting for you.

Chosen Flame Warden

After the battle with Wrath, you will find yourself on the Underworld location. Go to the door at the top with the sword. Hit the sword and the door will open. There will be located core activation. Follow the left. Go up the stairs. There is another sword on the left. Activate it to raise the wall to the right.

Follow past the sword. Break the pitchers at the dead end. Inspect the wall to find hole. Go there. You will get to a secret place. Pull the lever and go back from where they came. There is a corridor to the right of the stairs. Follow it and you will find the place where the Flame Warden will be waiting for you.

Chosen Corrupted Tomekeeper

Go to the crystal path after the battle with Lust. Follow until you see the bridge. Don't touch the purple stones. There is a puddle of acid on the right. Use the Storm Hollow and the air flow to cross it. Next, fight monsters. Destroy the stones on the left at the entrance to the building. Go through the building and get to the big stone outside. Push the stone into another building, where a ledge is located on top of the wall. Jump onto the ledge from the stone. There is a mushroom. Push down it.

Follow the mushroom, and then push it to the right to the building. Pay attention to the visor above the building. Use the mushroom to climb it. You will find yourself on the second floor. Inspect it, you will find the container. Go into the room, which is located even higher. You will meet the Chosen Corrupted Tomekeeper.

Chosen Templar of the Damned

When you will go to Gluttony, you will see a cave with crypts. It will be flooded, but you will have to find a sword. There are two statues at the grid. Install the found sword.

Activate them with the sword, which is located on top of the grid. Use the Force hollow to go deeper at the bottom. Along the left side is a flooded building. Deal with the fish. In this building there is a grid on the left, and there is a column with two swords on the right. You need to activate them simultaneously. The grid will open. Follow up and use the purple track and the shape of the ball. You will reach the place where the Chosen Templar of the Damned is.

Chosen Grock

This Chosen do not have to look. You will see him at the Scar location. You will go to Wrath. Freeze two conveyor belts. Go to the stones. Climb up. Use the coal platform and go to the other side of the level. Along the left side is a room where Chosen Grock is.

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