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Walkthrough 2

FAQ ATOM RPG Post-apocalyptic indie game

How to improve characteristics of hero

There are several ways to improve the characteristics of the character. Some allow you to select the desired attribute, others automatically increase the specific:

  1. You can catch a goldfish and then choose which characteristic to increase.
  2. There is a pen of pigs in Otradnoe. One of pigs is possessed by a demon. Banish this demon "into yourself" to increase the force by 1 unit, but you lower by one point the charisma and intellect.
  3. In the Roaring forest, you can find a mutant dog in the cave. Kill dog, then take the chemical and increase any parameter by one point.
  4. There is a totem in the Roaring forest. If you put three pieces of meat under it, you can increase your luck by one stat.

How to catch a goldfish

You need to use the spider brain as bait. Also you can use the following recipe: corn, rotten fly agaric, nails. In this case, the success of fishing depends on the level of good luck of your character. If you need corn, you can buy it in Krasnoznamenny or buy seeds. You can plant in the garden next to a lonely hut in Otradnoe.

How to treat companions

Start a dialogue with a partner. You will see the stock of his health, after which you can offer any medicine from the inventory. You can also transfer medication to your partner through “Barter”, and he will heal himself during the battle or after it.

All passwords in the bunker 317:

  • 2104
  • 5534
  • 8904
  • 7037
  • 5303
  • 8210
  • 4334
  • 9731

All these passwords will allow you to open certain doors in the bunker and safes. Read our full walkthrough.

How to increase the speed of the character

Character moves with the same speed on location. If you want to do it faster, then find and repair the car at the location “Old Scrapyard” at the bottom of the Wastes. But you need to fill with gasoline.

How to remove radiation

You can buy special pills in pharmacies. You can also drink strong alcohol (vodka). Read the description of each item.

How to remove Withdrawal

The game has several modifiers that can cause drug addiction. This may be a normal stimulant or a plate of kasparamide. If character has strung out, he will need a new dose. If you refuse to accept it, it will start Withdrawal. Take apomorphine to get rid of it. You can buy it at pharmacies or from random characters.

How to remove poisonous mushrooms

On the Red Fighter location, there are poisonous mushrooms in the bunker of the house. Contact the builder Ivan to get rid of them. You need start the generator.

How to remove lianas

Lianas block the path in a bunker located in Mountain Pass of Woes. You can blow them up using dynamite. Buy it from caravans for 1000-2000 rubles. Also you can break the safe in the room to the right of the lianas, where the suitcase also is. The safe is hidden under the bed to the right of the entrance. There will be an herbicide inside — apply it to the plants.

Finally, you can produce an herbicide yourself. Read about it in our full walkthrough.

How to remove poisoning

You will receive more damage because of higher the dose of poison in the body. On the other hand, over time, the concentration of poison in the body will gradually decrease. In the end, the poison itself can leave the body. Use the antidote — a pink jar to neutralize the poison. Choose the skill "Enhanced Immunity" to get + 10% of the resistance to poisoning.

How to eat food

In the inventory, hover the mouse over any food, hold the RMB and select "Use".

How to wear armor

In the inventory, select the armor and drag it to one of the four empty slots on the right side of the screen.

How to find companions

In the game you can find four companions:

  1. There is a tavern in the suburb of Krasnoznamenny. Log in and chat with Fidel, the local bartender. Say that you are from ATOM, and then talk to him in the back room and he will join the team.
  2. On the location of the Red Fighter — go to the top of the city to find the house. There is the old man. Shoot all the spiders on location, then go back to the house and go inside. Meet Gexogen.
  3. Organize a base in the Red Fighter. Perform almost all the improvements in the house, and then expect a random event with three people around the fire. Go to the fire and talk to the paratrooper Alexander. Convince him.
  4. A girl named Batory agrees to join you. But you need in enter into the organized crime group "Death". You can meet a character when you re-visit Peregon. The girl will stand next to the passage to the tent city. Consider that you will have to kill all other companions, and neutral people in cities will automatically become enemies.

How to find a cache on the pier

The pier is located to the left of Otradnoe,. The cache is hidden under one of the boats to the left of the fisherman (who appears here during the day).

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