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Answers for questions Control

We offer answers to frequently asked questions about the game Control.

FAQ Control

How to get through the Ashtray Maze

To go through this maze, you need to visit it according to the plot of the game in the Finnish Tango quest. Activate the control point and go to the back room of the cleaner. From there, there will be a linear path to the cleaner himself, who will give the player. With it you can go through a maze.

How to pick up / take anchor

Most likely you cannot reach the anchor. To do this, you need to unlock the ability to "Levitation". Read below.

How to get Levitation

You will receive it on a story assignment when you visit the Panopticon in the content sector and find a TV.

How to open all the Outfits

There are several Outfits in the game:

  1. Director’s Suit and Office Assistant will become available after the completion of the plot of the game.
  2. An Asynchronous Suit you can remove it from the mannequin in the synchronization laboratory, but after you complete the side quest “Self-Reflection”.
  3. A Gold Suit can be obtained in the department of Luck and Probability, in a room with a tape measure. Read below.
  4. Complete all the quest Ahti to get the costume of Janitor’s Assistant,.
  5. Some costumes are available only in special editions or are a reward for pre-order.
  6. The costume of candidate P7 ​​can be obtained in room P7, through which you will go through the plot of the game.

How to improve weapons

The ability to improve weapons appears on the plot of the game. Just go through the Control and from time to time look at the weapons menu at any control point.

How to find the Black Stone quarry

To get to the quarry of black stone, you will need to create a bridge. Just open the level 4 door to the left of the passage to the bridge. To get there, from the hall of the AEC power plant, go through the Central Maintenance door.

How to change weapons

To change weapons, you need to press the F key. But first, you must invest a few ability points to unlock the second weapon slot. Then install the new form in the second slot by opening the menu with the G key.

How to win at roulette

To win at roulette in the first room, make sure that the horseshoe looks up and resembles the letter U. Launch the cat figurine and take the clover from the pot. Take it to the room with a tape measure and place it in a vase near the TV. Next, turn on all table lamps and start roulette. Exit the red zone before it stops.

How to get through the hotel

The hotel will have to go through several times, but there is only one mechanic: every time you ring the bell at the reception, one of the three doors of the second part of the corridor opens. Inspect the premises. Somewhere you need to turn on all the radios, somewhere you move the object as they are in the next room, and somewhere just fix the picture. After that, you will find the key and you can open the door with a black pyramid.

How to get through the enemy inside

To get to the anchor, you need the ability to fly. You will get it on the plot in the second half of the game.

How to use a telephone

You cannot use the phone itself. From time to time, you will simply receive different sound and video messages. Look in your inventory to view them again. They are in the collectibles section.

How to defeat Tomassi

To defeat Tomassi, you need to hide behind shelters. You can throw objects at him to interrupt his attacks (throws).

How to unlock all abilities

Different abilities open story and side quests. Read our walkthrough to understand how to do this.

How to get to the phone

To interact with the phone, you need to build a bridge. Pull the rope several times.

How to get a duck

To get the duck, go left along the corridor and open the door to the right, removing the drawers. There is a ventilation entrance in the wall.

How to remove the inner insulation

Turn on the pumps and power converters, and then go up to the control room.

How to change clothes

This can only be done at the control point of the central department where the survivors are located, including Pope.

Where is the Underhill lab

Go to the research department, go downstairs in a large hall and find a corridor with burnt grass. There will be a descent down (pit / mine).

Where is the traffic light

The traffic light is located where there was a TV, thanks to which you received levitation.

Where is Marshall

Just go through the parapsychology department and soon find a woman.


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