FAQ: Metro Exodus
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FAQ: Metro Exodus

Read Frequently Asked Questions about the game Metro Exodus.

How to give a guitar

Pick up a guitar from the bandit’s tower. You can immediately return to the Aurora and give it to Stepan.

How to get a good ending

You need to save the Knyaz, Damir and Alyosha. Alyosha must be alive and healthy. Also you   don't need to kill the innocent in the locations of the Volga, the Caspian and Taiga, try to do good actions. However, if you kill at least one person, for example, in a church (unarmed), then Knyaz will be killed.

How to get a bad ending

To see a bad ending, Knyaz must die, or Damir must leave the team, or Alyosha must be wounded in Taiga.

How to save Alyosha

Do not kill pirates and pioneers while you pass through their camps. Do not kill unarmed person. As a result, Olga will thank you.

How did Artyom survive?

The main ending is the Metro Last Light, in which Artyom survives. That is, Black saved everyone and then left.

How to change cartridges

Hold down the TAB key so that you can switch between conventional and explosive cartridges for the Tikhar and bolts for the crossbow Helsing.

How to get to the terminal

Go for the marker. You will pass a gas station and you will find yourself near a small building with a pier. Sit in a boat and sail to the terminal on the left. Sail inside through a dark tunnel with poisonous mushrooms. You will see lamp, where you can go on land.

How to get to church

To do this, follow Anna from Aurora until you find yourself at home with a boat. Sit in a boat and sail along the river without stopping anywhere. So you need to get to the church. Follow at the very end, get up from the boat.

How to seal the gas mask

The glass may be destroyed. Click on the G key to seal it (Artyom will simply remove the gas mask).

How to save slaves

There is a large gang at the location of the Caspian. You can meet slaves inside a rusty ship. Go there, go inside and go up to the captain's cabin. Inside it, exit through the passage to the left or right to get to the lever. Pull on it to open the cages and free the slaves. The gates will open, the slaves will run out, but then the gates will close. Thus, it is impossible to get down to the cells.

How to save Damir in the crew

Do not kill a single slave on location the Caspian. Also, when you move through the cave to the Baron fortress, you will meet several slaves with weapons. They also do not need to kill. Run past them, maximum - stun.

How to give a bear

When you have a bear for Nastya, return to the Aurora and interact with the girl. If the bear is in the inventory, then you an to interact with Nastya.

How to clean the weapon

You need chemicals and a workbench. Interact with weapon. A list of various devices will appear on the left, and the topmost point indicates the quality of the weapon. If the scale is full, the weapon does not need to be cleaned. Otherwise, hold down the F key.

How to save Miller

Unfortunately, Miller dies regardless of the ending of the game.

How to save Knyaz

Do not kill unarmed sectarians and civilians. If you kill at least one unarmed person in the church, then Knyaz will be killed anyway.

How to kill a bear

The bear is afraid of fire, so it is best to use fire bolts for a crossbow, explosive balloons for Tikhar and Molotov cocktails in battle against him. At the first meeting, you must inflict enough damage to the bear so that it escapes by breaking through the fence on the left.

Why do we need a bell in the terminal on the Volga

When you go behind the trolley to the terminal on the Volga, you will eventually reach the control room. Before you pull the lever, cut the three ropes and ring the bell to call Fish for a meal. After that, pull the lever and the fallen structures will kill a large catfish. You will also receive an Achievement.

Царь-рыба в Metro Exodus

How to get the achievement - decommunization

At the beginning of the children's camp on the Taiga location, you will find a statue of Lenin. Shoot in the head or leg to damage it and earn achievement.

How to use binoculars correctly

Binoculars you get on the plot of the game when you meet with the Krest in his shelter on the Volga. The gadget is activated by the B key, but it can be hidden in a backpack. Binoculars have three positions. We recommend to use the binoculars at each open location. Use it and if you see the "binoculars" icon in the upper left corner of the screen. This suggests that a new marker appeared on the map. Rotate the binoculars in a circle, inspecting the location and finding new markers for the map.

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