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FAQ Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

FAQ Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Answers to frequently asked questions about the game: how to heal; improve the medicine bottle, block and parry attacks, dodge, jump and much more

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How to improve the flask with medicine

This is the main item used to restore health points. You may have to use it a large number of times. You will have a limited number of charges. Charges are restored during your stay near an idol.

Fortunately, this item can be improved, which will increase the number of charges and the effectiveness of treatment. You need to give the Gourd Seed to Lady Emme (Dilapidated Temple) to increase the number of charges. These seeds fall out of some particularly dangerous opponents. For example, you can get them from the first mini-boss at the beginning of the game.

FAQ Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
FAQ Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Also you can buy Gourd Seed from different merchants. We met the first one near the abandoned entrance to the dungeon, and the second - up the stairs next to the gate of Ashina Castle, where we must fight with Gyoubu.

By defeating the Ogre with chains, you will receive the hidden medicine "Medicine Shinobi", which increases the efficiency of the flask with the medicine. When you unlock the Shinobi Skill Tree, you can get additional upgrades for Shinobi Medicine.

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How to accelerate and run faster

There is no endurance scale in game. Hold down the “circle” or button B depending on the gaming platform while moving forward to accelerate and run faster.

Nevertheless, we recommend you move slowly, as in many areas there will be dangerous opponents. And you need to kill them consistently. Sprint is a good solution even in battle, when you need to break away from the enemy in order to restore your health points.

How to change the appearance of the character and hairstyle

The plot of Sekiro tells the story of a particular character, so the main character cannot change the appearance and hairstyle.

How to change clothes or costume character

You can not choose clothes or costume for the main character of the game.

How to use Shinobi Prosthetic

You must find prosthesis in the game world to use it. The first of them is Shuriken Wheel. You can find it at the very beginning of the game for the second idol, which you will find after reaching the Destroyed Temple. It is located just above the gate, where you fight three enemy dogs.

You need to return to the temple and talk to Sculptor to equip the prosthesis. He will install it instead of the main character's hand. Now open the main menu and go to the "Equipment" tab. Select a slot with prostheses and equip the item.

When you have prosthesis, it remains to find the Spirit Emblems. They are bought while visiting idols, fall out of enemies, or can be found right in the game world. Press the R2 (RT) button (if you have at least one emblem), you can activate your prosthesis. Depending on you choose, you will get different effects. Use the Y button to switch between prostheses.

FAQ Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
FAQ Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

How to get Spirit Emblems and why they are needed

Spirit Emblems - an important part of the combat system in Sekiro. You will need them to use any of the established prostheses, including Shuriken and Ax. Each using of prosthesis consumes a Spirit Emblems. If they will end, then you will no longer be able to use prostheses.

There are several ways to get emblems:

  1. The fastest and easiest method is to buy during the rest from the Sculptor idol. For each emblem will have to give 10 point, which you get when killing opponents or searching locations.
  2. Emblems also fall out of enemies.
  3. Also you can find them in the game world.

How to dodge

This technique is also one of the safest and fastest ways to reduce the distance between the main character and opponents. As a rule, in a battle it is best to block and parry the blows of your opponents in order to “shake” the enemy and cause him damage.

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