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FAQ to walkthrough Divinity: Original Sin 2

Question: How to remove the leash in Divinity: Original Sin 2?

♦ Answer: The antimagic collar on the character can be removed at the beginning of the game, if you go down to the basement in the ghetto of the fort "Joy". There you need win the arena. After the victory you go to the blacksmith Nebore, who is in the upper right corner of the ghetto. But all the collars can be removed only during the passage of the story line at the end of the second chapter / second act.

Question: How to reanimate characters in Divinity: Original Sin 2?

♦ Answer: This is possible only if not all the characters were killed and there is a survivor. This character will to use the "Scroll of Resurrection". You can buy it from any trader for 250 coins, or make by yourself. The formula for creating: "The essence of life" + "The essence of water" + "Sheet of paper."

Question: How to get the source points in Divinity: Original Sin 2?

♦ Answer: It is necessary to collect a luminous liquid. However, there is another way: you can use a unique spell that pulls the source from other creatures (the spell is present in the wands of the high masters).

Question: How to get out of prison Divinity: Original Sin 2?

♦ Answer: In Chapter 2 / Act 2, if you commit any crime / offense, then the character could go in an underground prison. There is a scroll of teleportation in the cell, but you can not move yourself. Therefore, you need to talk to the rat inside, which will give the master key (you can use the picklock to break the camera doors). However, if you have the problem with the skill of communicating with animals, then you need to kill the rat have to be corrupted and then pick up the master key from the corpse.

Question: How to increase the action points in Divinity: Original Sin 2?

♦ Answer: The action points in the game depend on the characteristics called "Initiative". You can use potions, scrolls, acceleration spells and other useful effects to increase the number of points.

Question: How to reset skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2?

♦ Answer: You can reset your skill points by standing in front of the magic mirror. This function is available from the beginning of the third chapter / 3rd act. The mirror is located on the lower deck of the ship, on which you sail from the fort "Joy".

Question: Where can I find all the companions in Divinity: Original Sin 2?

♦ Answer: All the companions you will meet in the ghetto of the fort "Joy". Total companions will be six, but you can only take three (except for the main character). And in the process of passing the game you can always change companions to others.

Question: How to take the fifth companion in Divinity: Original Sin 2?

♦ Answer: The maximum number of characters in a group is four. More characters can not be added. You can only free the slot for another character - that is, replace it, but do not add the fifth satellite.

Question: Where to get a shovel, where is the shovel in Divinity: Original Sin 2?

♦ Answer: At the beginning of the game, you can to find a free shovel on the north coast - on the central fragment of the bridge. After that, you can buy shovels from traders, or to hope for an accidental find.

Question: Where to find Gareth in Divinity: Original Sin 2?

♦ Answer: Gareth was surrounded by the Hummingbirds in the ruins in the north. On arrival, you need to help overcome the two groups, which consist of masters for four people per group.

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