Far Cry New Dawn: All Photos
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Far Cry New Dawn: All Photos (Dear Photograph)

At the base you can find an album with photos of Tracey. Take it. There are nine photos in total. Need to visit all the places that are depicted on them. For each such place you get one ability point.

Far Cry New Dawn: All Photos

Photo Locations:

  1. Take the job Jerome Comes Home. When you are at Nick Rye's house, you can find the first place. Location is called Rye & Daughter Aviation.
  2. Exit your base and turn the corner to the left to find second place.
  3. Go west from the auto repair shop, right next to it.
  4. Go to the factory, go up the map and next you will find the right place.
  5. Visit a dump and follow east to find a camera.
  6. Go to Sharky Boshaw and find a camera next to the tower.
  7. Visit the old monastery, for which go down the map to the right-down from the outpost "Island", overcoming the river. Find a camera nearby.
  8. Visit the temple of Joseph and follow down the river to find a camera nearby.
  9. Visit the Broken Tears, which is down-to the right of the dump. Go down to the river, find a camera and apply a photo. Note that you need to stand in front of the camera, and not behind it as in other cases.

Thus, you get nine skill points and unlock the achievement "In the past".

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