Treasure Hunts Far Cry New Dawn
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Far Cry New Dawn: All Treasure Hunts

In the game you can find ten caches. You will learn about the location of each of them from randomly encountered characters. Communicate with everyone with a diamond icon over their head. And we describe how to open each cache.

Treasure Hunts in Far Cry New Dawn

Treasure Hunts in Far Cry New Dawn
Treasure Hunts in Far Cry New Dawn

For Whom The Bear Tolls

Follow the marker and read the note. Climb to the roof of the building and shoot the bell until a bear appears. When you kill him, search the body and use the key to open the bunker in the pit near the church.

Going Haywire

Go to the Parker’s vault. Kill the enemies and find the sparkling mechanism. After reading the note, go up to the roof and find the grille through which you can shoot the yellow lock on the front door. Go inside and unplug the device by lowering the lever.

Other materials on the game Far Cry New Dawn

Riddle Me Fish

Follow the marker, read the letter and enter the building. Destroy the boards and find the room with the generator. Activate it and remember the order in which the fish move. Next to each there is a number. We got the code 246135. Go outside, go down to the bunker and enter this code by clicking on the fish on the left and right.

Rescuers Go Under

Follow the marker and read the note. Climb up with the cat hook. At the very top, go down to the cave and swim in the water. Inside you will find yourself in a gallery with cars. Approach the one on the slope and interact with the rear wheel. A marker will appear and you can to remove the machine from the brakes. By doing so, use the machine to climb onto the ledge and find a cache.

The Best Laid Plans

Go east from the Warehouse, read the note and enter the red wagon through the open window. There is a hole on the roof. Throw up the hook-cat, go higher and continue to move along the bridge. Sway on the cat until you reach the place with the cache.

Target Practice

Go to the Dump, read the note and kill the enemies. Nearby, find barriers around which there is a hole. Go down to the cave and see the gears. Activate the lever on the left and look at the rotating gear. There is a hole in one of the parts - through which you need to shoot at the target for the gear. By doing so, shoot at two targets side by side, and then at three targets on the other side.

Burning Souls

Go to the specified location, read the note and find the pit. Collect five corpses and dump into this pit. Two corpses lie next to it, another - in the only building, the fourth - on the tower to the left of this building, and the fifth - on top of the wooden structure on the hill above the pit. When you collect all the corpses, light a fire and enter the cache.

High Art

Go to the desired area and find a closed garage. Deal with the enemies, go around the building and find the tower from behind. Climb up with the help of hook-cat, freeze. Then jump off and hook onto the cable to slide into the garage. Go inside, go down to the first floor and turn the valve. Open the main gate, go to the wall on the left and turn the lever to lift the car. Climb up, use the machine to move to the other side and pull the next lever. This will move the yellow car and get into the cache.

Light ‘Em Up!

Go to the right place and read the letter. Follow around the church and look for boarded boards. Smash them go inside and go the only way until you find hay. Burn it, take the key and go back to enter the hiding place.

Go With The Flow

Read the note, go outside and swim across the river. Examine another note, go left over the bridge and turn right to go down the hill directly to the bears. Kill them, get on the log to the right, and reach the niche with the third note. Continue along the path with flags, turn right over the cliff. Kill the raiders and read the note to the right. Jump into the river, follow to the end and go down from the waterfall. There is the corpse of a wolf on the left, and next to it is the cave entrance with a hiding place.


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