Far Cry New Dawn: MP3 Player Locations
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Far Cry New Dawn: MP3 Players Location

In addition to the achievements and new songs in the play list of the radio station, there is no benefit from the players. However, we indicate their location below...

MP3 Players in Far Cry New Dawn

MP3 Players Far Cry New Dawn
MP3 Players Far Cry New Dawn

Players location:

  1. To the south of the Broken Tears, at the house of Sergey.
  2. By the lake, in the house, to the north of the auto repair shop.
  3. Inside Frobisher's Memory.
  4. Tombwater - inside the house, you need to open the door. The key is in the fridge. Shoot the freezer to open it.
  5. Rotgut Pass - look into the house and break the door or take the key from the high drawer on the side.
  6. Sein's Sanctuary. Find and break the boards on the ground to find a small hole with a player.
  7. Big Mike's Dale. Near the house there is a hatch. Go down.
  8. Fillmore's Hovel. Similarly, find the hatch and go down to the bunker.
  9. Bradbury Woods. Break the boards at the corner of the building and crawl inside to find the player.
  10. Forgotten Barracks, west of Empty Garden Outpost. Enter house and openthe door (key is under table).

You have unlocked the music lover.

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