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Firewatch Henry Photo

Henry is the main character of adventure game Firewatch with a touching story, which are serious topics for discussion. Originally this is a man from Boulder, Colorado.

Before the start of his fire life, Henry was completely broken. His marriage is almost destroyed, in spite of his efforts to combat and rescue. He had some problems with the law, specifically related to his alcohol addiction. In order to understand yourself, Henry flies in lonely woods of Wyoming, which is going to spend the whole summer on the lookout tower "two paths".

As the game progresses, we learn that it was removed for this position by mistake. Delilah (she is his boss, with whom he communicates throughout the game) was drunk – and admits that hired him accidentally. Despite such long distances between Delilah and Henry, they add up friendly and close relations. They constantly communicate by using radio.

So it looks like Henry?

Many players Firewatch wondering how the looks of their protagonist. So one developers of the game showed the face of Henry on his Twitter account. This did british artist named Olly Moss. In addition to the man page, you can see the other, already humorous animations associated with Henry.


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