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Firewatch Plot (Story)

In this article, we will discuss a story of the game Firewatch and its ending.

In fact, it is very sad that after building such a close connection between Delilah and Henry, at the end of the game, both the character and do not meet. Hell, we do not even see their faces! It can be assumed that such an intriguing finale will gladden us with the continuation of the game, but the story is over.

The story begins with the main character named Henry finds two teenage girls. They swim naked in the lake and the burn fireworks. Soon, their tent is torn and things are around. Girls disappear. There is abnormal signal on the lake. You go to the sound, Henry finds a radio, when someone blows on his head and Henry falls down.

Soon Henry runs into a small camp of scientists, which describes all the actions DeLisle and our hero stages. Leave this place, just 300 meters away we see that someone has set fire to it. Someone says that he has a record of the conversation Delilah and Henry mounted in such a way that they would like to hide the history of girls. They begin to blackmail.

In the end (note SPOILER!!!), we learn that all this did distraught father who randomly killed his child and then decided to just disappear, to hide in the forests of Wyoming. Then Delilah and Henry evacuated by helicopter out of here. By the way, if you read our article about the endings of the game, you can know that Henry can remain in the burning forest.

In the end we get a short and clumsy goodbye to the characters with each other by radio. And is it all???

On the other hand, the history of the game is actually intriguing.  I was in suspense until the very end. But when it turned out that Ned has caused the death of his son, all my dreams were destroyed. Everything began to look in my eyes somehow cheap. All the final act of the game does not create a feeling of a win. You cannot jump from a chair and shout something like: “Yes! I won!” This is the ending (both), which leaves a lot of questions after themselves rather than giving specific answers. That is something small and disappointing.

Move to the evacuation point, I was convinced that it is necessary at least something else to happen. Something that will throw new light on the events taking place here, the story will turn - but it never came.

Do not misunderstand me. I enjoyed the time spent for playing Firewatch. But as for me, the authors were able to create this huge intriguing story and then just destroy everything by too straight final. And what do you think about this story? What is your mark 10/10?

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