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Full walkthrough Black Mirror (2017)

Chapter 1

Gordon House

Talk about everything with grandmother and family lawyer Andrew Harrison. Follow Angus up the stairs and inspect the portrait of Edward Gordon. He is David's grandfather (there are three interactive points - on the chest of the man, the memorial inscription on the red urn and the signplate to the picture). Use W and S to move the camera.

Move into the dark corridor to the right of the picture. The area is poorly lit, but there is a part of the drawing on the floor under the window at the end of the corridor (this is the first of many collectible items scattered around the house). Go back to the picture and follow right along the rails and wall with deer horns. The first door (a little further from the horns) leads to the owner's office, which is currently closed. Continue to move along the corridor and turn into a small corridor to the left. A butler awaits you near the door of Gordon's bedroom. Wait.

Your room and the ground floor

Go to the fireplace and look at the big picture, which shows the Gordon castle. There are two interactive points in the upper and right parts of the picture - David will see the window of his bedroom, and also will compare the found stone figure with the house. It will be part of a larger mock-up of the castle. Open the suitcase located near the bed to find in it a telegram, passport, photograph of the father and a matchbox. Take it all away.

Look at the wooden box located on the table (the table is hidden in the foreground of the screen). Open it to find a candlestick and a piece of candle. If you have previously picked up a matchbox, you can light a candle (the corresponding command on the "2" key will appear). Then select the following parts of the drawing that lie in the same box.

Take another part of the drawing from the cupboard to the left of the fireplace and leave the room. Use the door to the left of the bed.

Turn right to get into the alcove with the very hours that scared the protagonist earlier, and take the next part of the picture lying on a small table. Continue to the right (not toward the owner's office) until you see a kitchen’s elevator in the corner. The open door is located on the right side of the kitchen elevator. It leads to the library. There David will meet with Andrew, the family's lawyer - you can talk to him or listen to his murmur and go on.

Examine the library and check out the bookshelves to find several classic works (Edgar Allan Poe's Selected Poems, Howard Phillips Lovecraft's Despair and Horace Walpole Otranto Castle). Look at the closed desktop to the right of the cabinet with the poems of Alan Poe. Repeat this action to find out from Andrew that this item was the personal table of Margaret Gordon, David's grandmother.

Find a way to open a table

A swirling staircase is located opposite the closed table. You can use it and go to the lower tier of the library. Follow that to get close to a lawyer. Try to read one of the documents that Andrew is currently studying. And then ask him where to find the key from the host's office.

Leave the library. Use the door opposite the desk. You will find yourself in the hall. Use this opportunity and study the Earth's globe located in the center. Inspect a few pictures found near the stairs.

There is a sofa in the left part of the hall. Follow the doorway on the left side of this sofa, go forward along the corridor and find yourself in the kitchen. Chat with a man to dinner to find out that his name is Rory - he's a gardener in the estate. The man will leave this area - take the opportunity to inspect the table and take the knife. Go to the opposite corner of the table and open the drawer on the left - David will find the inside of the wire.

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