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Full walkthrough Black Mirror (2017)

Leave the kitchen (through the door to the left of the kitchen elevator / to the right of the table) and go through the other door on the left hand to return to the hall.

Use the doorway to the right of the couch (a unique green tint) to return to the library and use the swirling staircase that leads to the upper floor. Try to unblock Margaret's table. Use a knife or wire. Hold the LMB until and the silhouette will be white.

Riddle: A table in the library

Look at the contents of the table (use the W, S, A, D keys to move the camera's view and activate additional points). Look at the pile of letters on the bottom left to pick up some of the drawing, and find three drawers on the right side. There is a note with a clue in the uppermost of them. It is the secret combination. Also there is a letter from Father of David. The second box contains a letter from Dr. Leah Farber addressed to Lady Gordon. This is the physician of John Gordon. The lower drawer will be closed.

Now look at the left side of the table. There you will see a lock. You can to enter a combination of four digits. There are symbols above each cell. They are indicated a particular number. These runes are difficult to associate with the letters of the Latin alphabet, but we will try. Let left to right runes will be denoted as G, M, D, X. They really do resemble those letters.

Now open the note again, which you found in the drawer on the right. It shows two equations:

· D + G + D = 5 (Roman numeral, but what's the difference?).

· X-M = 2.

But that is not all!!! Open the note from John, which you found at the very beginning of the game, from the casket in the car. Turn it so that on the other side there are two more equations:

· G + D = 4.

· M + G = 9.

You need to solve all the equations and find the right combination.

If we take the first equation from the found note and the first of John's note from the car, it becomes clear - both G and D must be equal to 1 or 3. Substitute both, and so, and understand that in both cases the equality remains. This is not enough!

But to get the right combination it remains to check only two potential passwords. First, suppose that D = 3, and G = 1. In this case, from the last equation, we know G, and will be M = 8. After that, we substitute M into the second equation and get that X should be equal to 10. But this can not be, because each rune corresponds to NUM, and "ten" is already a number.

We check the condition when D = 1, and G = 3. In this case, M from the last equation will be 6, and from the second X - 8. Everything converges.

We recall the sequence of runes - G, M, D, X and the values ​​obtained above. Enter password 3618 and open the section of the table below the code combination. Here you will find the key - take it. The key can be used on the bottom drawer on the right - it will not open, but you will see how one of the snake heads of the central lock is moved (two more). You will get access to the central part of the table, but a little later.

Move the screen all the way to the right to see the side wall of the table, but from the outside (look at the table from the side) - here is the figure of the snake. Click on the interactive point found on the head of the snake.

Go to the left side of the table to find a similar snake with a complex set of white and black marks on the trunk. Your task is to follow the pattern and choose either the white or the black part of the button found on the very right side. The correct sequence (including the last part of the body found inside the table) looks like this:

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