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Full walkthrough Black Mirror (2017)

Black, white, black, white, black, white, white, white, black, black, white, white, black, black, white, black (if after that David will not comment anything, then somewhere was allowed error, so you have to start all over again).

There is a key from the owner's office in the unlocked safe. Also there is a new letter from Father of David. Take a look at the newly found key. You can change the shape of its bottom part.

Riddle with Runes

You are on the balcony that is located above the hall. Go around in circles; go forward until you reach to the door leading to the owner's office (to the right of the horns on the wall, after the portrait of Edward). Examine the unusual lock - theoretically you can try to open it with the help of a master key, but you will find out that this time everything is not so simple. Even the key will not work in this place - you need to zoom in and set the moving parts so that you open the door.

Turn the single rotating element (the second from above or the third from below) so that it looks in the opposite direction to the upper (short, fixed part). The two lower elements that rotate simultaneously must look in the same direction as the top, the shortest and the fixed.

Open the door and go to the table (you can find an interactive point in the middle) and carefully read what lies on it. There is the collection part of the picture on the ashtray on the. Check the drawers on the left. You can not interact with the top, but there is Edward's correspondence on average (David will place two sheets of paper on the table). The bottom box is contained a double bottom (click on the interactive point in the left corner - David will open the secret compartment).

Take the paper sheets - one of them David will put on the table next to the two previous ones, and the second, a note from his father, into the inventory. A chapel and family chronicles are mentioned on one of its sides, and on the other side is a picture that serves as a clue. You can see three rings in the drawing: the outer ring is marked with the number "2", the middle - "5", and the inner - "1".

Finally, read the notes on the table (in each of them there are two interactive points, and also read about the disappearance of the girl).

The red symbol located in the upper ring should be in the same column as the other two, highlighted in red.

Go to the closet with the bookshelves located to the right of the table and the knight. There is a circular plate in the center (double click on it). Then move the camera to the left side, until it stops - at the beginning of each shelf you will find round icons with this or that symbol. Follow the prompt - move the camera with the W and S keys and check the symbol next to the first, top shelf. Then check the second shelf and, finally, the last, fifth, on the bottom. Remember each character in front of these shelves. Opposite the first shelf is a symbol similar to the letter N, the second is a symbol similar to the letter Y with a short stroke between the two upper rods, and the fifth is the letter B.

Go back to the screen with the rings and move them - turn the handle on the upper ring so that the rune in the form of an inverted Y is in the frame, right above (rune near the second shelf) Turn the middle ring so that there is a rune resembling the letter B. Finally, turn a small ring, so that in the frame there was a rune resembling the letter N. Due to this, you activate the mechanism and see the model of the lock. Go closer to the place at the bottom of the model - you will see that there is no tower. Place the object there.

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