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Walkthrough Panacea: Last Will (Chapter1)

A detailed walkthrough of Panacea: Last Will (Chapter 1)

Look around in the room, and then go to the table with a lamp in the left far corner. Read the note of Father William, and then search all the sliding cupboards. You will find matches and a key from the guest wing. You can use matches as a source of lighting - to light a match, press the F key. But if you run, the match will go out. In addition, the match burns not so long (ten seconds). Each time you press F, you consume one match. Click on the TAB key to open inventory.

Open the door on the right to get into the guest wing. Take a few steps forward and climb the steps to the left. Go through several interconnected rooms. There is a clipping from the newspaper on a round wooden table, which tells about the tragic death of the illusionist William Thorndike.

Go along the only possible path. You will find yourself in a library with a globe and a large map at the end of the long corridor. There is a note on the table in the right far corner, next to the map. There will also be matches. In the note, William reminds Richard that it is necessary to do something with the globe.

The globe is nearby - go to it on the right side. There is the button on the side. It's the only one. Click the button to start the mechanism. A map located on the wall will rise and you will see a passage further. Go ahead and go to the main hall.

Main Hall

Walk in a circle - all the doors are locked. Rise to the second tier, but there is the same story. For this reason, you need to turn into a single passage leading to a room with vases and flowers. There are two doors - one leads to the wing of Ethel (IMPORTANT location), and the other - to the wing of Edward. Go there.

Wing of Edward

There is a door on the left there. Open it. But first go down the stairs. There are Edward's first note and matches on the wooden table. Go to the same corridor. Find another box of matches in the drawer of the small table near the right wall. Go to the very end of the corridor and open the door on the left. Come in and come to the picture in front to listen to the first memory.

Leave the room and go forward on the balcony of the library. Turn left and find the steps leading down. Go down them, you will first see a strange monster. Go down into the hall with a long table. You will find Edward's second note on the table near the right wall, with a table lamp. Also there is the key to the wing of Ethel.

Go back to the main hall and immediately go to the door on the left-do you remember it? Go to the wing of Ethel, the sisters of William.

Wing of Ethel

Go down to the door and open it. Go left to find yourself in a spacious hall with a long table and green curtains. Find matches on the wooden table in the far right corner, next to the long table,. Climb the small steps and follow the perimeter of the room. There is nothing useful in the room on the right, so go a little further and go to the next room.

Immediately, you will see a staircase leading down to the basement. So far, you do not have the key to it. Get to the far door to get into the room with a fireplace. Take a couple of steps and the memory will begin. And then inspect the table near the seats opposite the fireplace. You will find the key to the basement on the table. Go back and go down the stairs to the right door. Unlock it and go to a new level.


Move along the only possible path, to the right, until you see how the monster will pass before you. Follow him, do not be afraid. Go to the passage on the left in the room. Follow the water through the rooms. Do not worry about meeting with the monster. Note that these mutants do not hear you.

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