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Guide on All Mutants and Enemies in Metro Exodus

Read about the main opponents that you will meet in Metro Exodus, their behavior and methods of destruction.

The Moscow metro was left behind, and Artyom and Anna are waiting for adventures in the open spaces of Russia that survived the atomic war. You will meet people from different factions, as well as mutants.

In this guide we will tell about each of them in Metro Exodus.



mutants and enemies in Metro Exodus
Demon in Metro Exodus

It is a huge mutant with wings. He attacks rarely, grabs the main character, takes him to the sky and throws it from a high height. He is killed for a long time, you can run away from him. If you know that a demon lives nearby, do not go out into the open areas. Demons live only on the surface near the underground and Volga tunnels.


mutants and enemies in Metro Exodus
Watchman in Metro Exodus

In front of you are small animals that attack in packs. Alone are not dangerous, but take a number. If one of them noticed you, then it is better to destroy him immediately. Otherwise reinforcement will come. Use a shotgun to fight with a group of Watchmen. They live both on the surface and in the underground.


mutants and enemies in Metro Exodus
Spider in Metro Exodus

Huge mutated spiders are deadly for anyone who got into their den without a lantern or torch. Spiders are afraid light, so it’s not necessary to spend bullets on them — it’s enough not to lower the flashlight. They can be seen only in closed dark rooms.


mutants and enemies in Metro Exodus
Humanimals in Metro Exodus

In front of you are local analogue of zombies (or ghouls from Fallout 4). They live in groups, so during an open battle they are attacked by large groups. But, unlike other mutants, they are killed without any problems. They can be found in abandoned houses.


mutants and enemies in Metro Exodus
Nosalis in Metro Exodus

It is a Mole Mutant. They are aggressive only in their territory. Nosalis are weak singly, but extremely dangerous in the pack. Try to quickly leave their habitat — there will be no pursuit. They live in destroyed buildings and tunnels.


mutants and enemies in Metro Exodus
Lurker in Metro Exodus

In front of you are mutated scavenger rat. Cowardly and does not represent a great danger. But if it comes to a fight, keep in mind — Lurker attacks with incredible speed and rarely goes alone.


mutants and enemies in Metro Exodus
Bear in Metro Exodus

A huge mutated beast that kills with one blow. Shoot him only from a large caliber or use fire. Run away from the bear will not work — but you can dodge his attacks.


mutants and enemies in Metro Exodus
Wolf in Metro Exodus

They attack only in a pack, surrounding the main character from all sides. Always attack themselves, in contrast to the «pre-war» wolves. Occur in wooded areas. They can only be escaped to a closed room, a cave or to a nearby shack on a tree. And you can shoot them from there.


mutants and enemies in Metro Exodus
Shrimp in Metro Exodus

Mutated shrimp are either spitting acid or attacking with claws. You can get around them, or kill with a shotgun (shot in the face). They live near reservoirs.


Stick to the surface and spit mucus. They cause great damage, but are easily killed, so it’s better to deal with them immediately. It is enough one shot or hit.


People without armor

The most common type of opponents. It is enough a few shots in the body or one in the head to kill them. No problems are killed from the back with a knife. For a good ending they need not to kill, but stun.

 Armored opponents

People who wear heavy armor — you have to spend dozens of bullets on them or use Molotov cocktails, and then finish them off.

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