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Guide The Flame in the Flood



Crow does not danger to you, but its croaking attracts more dangerous enemies (not always, but it happens). As soon as you notice the crow, immediately run to him and banish him by stick, press SPACE. This saves you from unplanned encounters with wolves or wild boars.


Snakes are the passive creatures. They did not attack until the scout is not goes to them close enough. Otherwise, they will not pay attention to the girl, as she does not use a torch. If you light torch, the snake will come near to you. Therefore, make sure that no snakes around before you light the torch.


Meeting with a wild boar is not always a terrible experience for you. If you have learned to dodge his attacks, then everything is fine. If the boar comes behind you, it will stop for a moment to prepare for the attack. Remember that wild boar in this game is attacking only in a straight line, therefore, simply to avoid a collision.

Wild boars can be accelerated with the help of fire (campfire or torch), and swing a stick. Later in the game you will can to kill them with a bow: you can attract boars by bait.


The wolf is the most problematic of opponents in the game. It constantly pursues a scout, and its attacks are unpredictable. You can scare him with the help of a torch and a fire. Not for long, you can scare flick staff. Later, when you have a bow, you'll be able to kill him as well as wild boar. Bring it is possible by means of bait.

Wolf’s attack leads to injury. If the injury is not treated, the infection appears.


It is the most powerful and the most dangerous of all for the life of the enemy. Bears are relatively rare substance in the game, but every encounter with them must be terminated only escape. You can try to wait as long as it does not kill another predator. Bear is very fast, you cannot scare him a torch, a bonfire or staff.

Bear’s attacks lead to injury or even immediate death.

What are the island (location)

Camp. The icon is as follows:

1 In the camp you can find a variety of resources. At least there will be one divorced fire. Once you use it, it will be possible to sleep or keep warm in the camp.



If you get to this place, you can repair your raft. In addition, you can always find fuel.



Sometimes you can find a first aid kit, but rather to make it, use bandages and alcohol. The Church also provides refuge, where you can sleep.



Here you can find all types of medical items. The hospital is also a haven where you can relax.



Here you can find a huge number of food products and collect clean water from the well.

Shed fisherman


Here you can find hooks and rods (fishing line). And you can also sleep in the barn.

Gas station


Here you look for fuel, bandages, wood and screws. In addition, at the gas station there is always a work bench (desktop). You can sleep at the gas station.

Hardware store


At least in the hardware store there is always at least one workbench. Also here you can find the items required for repairing a raft.

Liquor store


Here there are drinking water, and alcohol. You can also sleep here.

Wild land


You can find a variety of resources, but in small quantities. Here you will find a huge number of enemies. You can even meet the legendary beasts like "hardened wolf" (experienced wolf).

How to Craft (create) objects

Most of the objects you can create through your inventory. Press the key I and note the five tabs on top. You are interested in the average, the third tab. Here is a list of items. If you see a padlock around the name of the subject, it is impossible to make. Padlock disappears as soon as you collect all necessary for the creation of the subject material.

Even if the subject has a lock, you can still click on it and see a list of the necessary raw materials.

If there is no object on padlock, it may be isolated or green, or gray. Gray means that once you have had the necessary resources to craft, but now they do not exist and cannot create object. Green color means that all the necessary resources for the craft you have in stock, therefore you can create this object.

To create an item in your inventory, click on the left mouse button (if it is highlighted in green).

Bonfire and crafting

Some items can only be created with the help of fire. In addition, fire is used to ensure that the main character could keep warm. Below, we have all of the items that are created only by the fire:

* Grilled meat.

* Penicillin.

* Tea dandelion.

* Tea from sumac.

* Gas ​​bomb.

* Corn cake.

Bench and crafting

Finally, some objects can be created only on the bench. We are talking about a steel knife, a steel mallet and a leather strip.

How to improve the raft

The raft - it's the only way to travel long distances in the game. You can improve it. And it's not just about the maximum distance at which a raft could sail, but also on a variety of amenities such as on-board cooker, housing, more slots for items and cleaner water.

In order to improve the raft, you have to find the harbor. Harbor noted certain icon (look above).

Repair the raft can be by means of screws (10), wood (20) or a repair kit (40), which is made in advance!!!

In total there are seven types of modernization of the raft in the game. To update the parts of the raft, you need circuit that can only be purchased during the voyage on a raft or study. Also, certain equipment will be needed.

How to hunt for rabbits

Rabbits - the only creatures in the game, which do not harm to scout. They even benefit because they are a source of protein (meal) and the skin (which is used for the craft) and can also be used as bait.

In order to get the benefit, you must first catch the rabbit. Used or snare or trap box.

Go to craft items and move to snare. You will learn what resources are needed for its production. In principle, there is nothing complex here. Therefore, always keep with you one or two traps (snare). After creating a snare, select it in your inventory and place on the ground. Get out of here for a while. Be sure that in the next few seconds rabbit necessarily fall into the trap.

Rabbit caught by using bow, will be dead. You can use it as food, bait for wild boar, as well as use the skin to make other items.

Trap in a box may be manufactured in craft menu. Set it on the ground to catch the rabbit. Rabbit caught by this method will be alive. Living rabbit can be used as bait for wolf.

How to create a trap for wolves

One of the fastest ways to kill a wolf - training properly trap. Traps with a spear will require you a large amount of resources. Draw a wolf trap by using bait fish (caught in the previous section of a rabbit). Traps will kill the beast, and you will be able to tear off his skin and meat.

Wolf should fall into the very trap. It cannot be activated remotely. This is the most effective trap in the game. It can be used to kill wolves and to kill wild boars. Traps can hurt an experienced wolf or bear. Experimental wolf can then finish off with a bow.

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