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Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest A Place to Call Home Walkthrough

A Place to Call Home in Dying Light 2: tips and tricks, recommendations, boss battles, walkthrough and guide.
Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest A Place to Call Home Walkthrough
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
3 февраля 2022

A Place to Call Home in Dying Light 2

Move after Lawan. Be sure to open the Inhibitors container and then look into the room on the right to find the second page of the comic (memorabilia). Talk to Lone and climb up on the rope. You will then receive a paraglider from Lawan. Jump down and press Z to open the paraglider. When your stamina runs out, you will fall down, so keep an eye on it. Follow the girl to the indicated building and talk again. Then move further on the paraglider, using the ventilation from where the air blows. Follow the marker to get to the substation.

Jump over the fence and approach the door to meet the peacekeepers. These peacekeepers won't know what you did in Old Villedor, so don't worry. Defeat the Renegades, after which you will be asked to activate the substation. During Nitafa's joke, you can correctly add "I'm just passing by." Walk to the left of the building and climb up the metal structures from which you can jump onto the wooden platform by the building. From there, jump up and cling to the yellow pipe. Soon you will be able to climb inside the substation.

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There are green shields from which you need to take the cable, and red ones to which you need to connect it. The cable has a certain size, so you need to get from one shield to another in the shortest possible way. Go down to the first floor. Go to the green terminal with the number "1", take the cable and run to the center of the floor, jum over the equipment. Connect the cable to the red shield with the same number, "1". Next to the red shield "3" there is an open elevator shaft. Jump down and look in the basement for the green terminal "3". Grab the cable and climb up the shaft (yellow rungs on the wall) to connect it to terminal 3. On the third floor are both a red shield and a green terminal with the numbers "2". Take the cable and use the rope to jump diagonally to the room with the red shield. When you connect all three shields, then start the elevator. Ride it up. Before you do anything, search the container and take the inhibitors from there. Also take away the Article from the newspaper December 23, 2021 (memorable souvenirs) lying next to the control panel. Then decide who will get the substation - the survivors or the peacekeepers.

Run along the marker, climb up to the Fisheye and go inside. Also, you can find a collectible - Announcement about the search for keys A and F" (memorable souvenirs) on the board outside. Go inside and ask around for Lawan. When you approach the bartender, Lawan will appear. You can find commemorative souvenirs on one of the tables You will also get to know Danior, and then you can once again drink or refuse to drink. Go with Lawan to Frank. You can insist on your own in a conversation with him, but this will not lead to anything.

The object will be attacked by renegades. Go outside and kill the enemies. When the task is updated, jump to the building with a yellow marker on the roof. Look for a rope to climb up. Kill the enemies and take out the napalm from the cannon. Kill opponents and then deal with two more guns. Having done this, return to the Fisheye and approach Lawan before the time runs out. Watch the video. Talk to Jack Matt, leader of the peacekeepers.