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Prescription in The Outlast Trials

Prescription are additional abilities that can be used during trials. More details are in the guide.
Prescription in The Outlast Trials
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
22 мая 2023

Prescription in The Outlast Trials

With the release of Outlast Trials Early Access, the ability to purchase Prescription has been added. To access prescriptions, you must contact Nurse Barlow, who is the administrator. It is located behind the pharmacy counter, located in the corridor to the left of the main exit.

Interaction with Barlow and buying Prescription will only become available after reaching the third level of therapy. The Therapy Level is a mechanism for tracking the player's experience and progress.

Prescription in The Outlast Trials

As you progress through new challenges, you will gain experience that will help you increase your level of therapy. In addition, you will receive in-game currency RX in the form of green tickets for slot machines, which can be used for upgrades, including the Prescription described in this guide.

In total, the game features 16 recipe abilities, divided into two levels. Access to the second level will be open only after unlocking all the abilities of the first level. Prescription are additional abilities that can be used during trials.

Price - Each tier 1 recipe is available for 1 RX, while tier 2 Prescription cost 2 RX.

Level 1 Prescription

  • INSTANT USE - holding down the [LMB] key allows you to immediately use the item, and not add it to your inventory.
  • SLIDING - you can slide across the floor by holding the crouch key [C].
  • REGENERATION - A small amount of health is restored after a short delay.
  • SELF DEFENSE TECHNIQUE - you can use a bottle or a brick on the [RMB] key from your inventory to quickly escape from the hands of the attacker.
  • HIT AND HELP - you will be able to kick the enemies who grabbed your friends.
  • LIFE SAVE - you can kick enemies to prevent them from executing your friends.
  • RUN AND CRUSH THE DOORS - you will be able to instantly open doors while running, but locking doors will be broken.

Level 2 Prescription

  • INCREASED INVENTORY - Adds +1 slot to your inventory.
  • BREAKER - you can break open locked doors with just two hits.
  • HACKING TECHNIQUE - Hacking will no longer consume stamina.
  • SPEED BOOSTER - Increases running speed.
  • ENDURANCE - reduces the consumption of stamina when running.
  • ATHLETE - Increases maximum stamina.
  • PARCOUR TECHNIQUE - reduces the consumption of stamina when jumping and climbing.
  • BATTERY UP - Increases night vision battery life.
  • HARD WORKOUT - Increases movement speed when carrying large objects.