Walkthrough Trek to Yomi - Game Guide

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Walkthrough Trek to Yomi - Game Guide

Walkthrough Trek to Yomi - Game Guide
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
6 мая 2022

Trek to Yomi Walkthrough - All Collectibles

The game is divided into several tasks. In each of them you can find artifacts - Trek to Yomi collectibles. Moreover, in the journal, the artifacts are located in the same order in which you can find them during the mission.

Act 1

After learning the techniques, go outside and run down the stairs. Go to the right side, talk to the merchant and move the wagon. Climb the stairs and search the building to get the first artifact, a picture of Izanagi. Keep moving, use the sanctuary to save your progress. Shrines also restore health. After the bridge, go left and pick up an artifact - a sakura flower. Here you will also find the third artifact - a shell from the Kai-Awase set. I missed the first artifact in the level, but I'm sure you can easily find it.

Defeat the first opponents. Kill ordinary enemies according to a simple scheme: block (not even parry!) One hit and two of your hits on the LMB. On normal difficulty, this is enough for a kill. Go to the burning settlement, in the building on the right, look for an artifact - a kakute.

Go to the left of the closed gate. In the building you can find a bag with an improvement. Increases stamina. There will be other pouches that improve health, as well as scrolls that either grant access to new skills or increase the maximum supply of thrown items or ranged weapons. At the end of the task, fight with the enemy and try to parry, then deliver one accurate blow. Our hero will leave a scar on the enemy's face by cutting off part of his nose. Also don't forget the shurikens. To throw weapons, press the Q key.

Act 2

After the first battle, go to the left and find the stamina upgrade. Push the log and go to the other side, to the right. Keep moving. Before climbing up the ledges, run after the beast to the right and look for an artifact - an abandoned Kami figurine. Inside the mine, go up the stairs on the left and throw stones at the enemies. Get down and free the guy. In the same mine, when you go up on the elevator, go left, knock down a log and find an artifact - a homemade tekko. Leave the mine and look for a stamina upgrade near the shrine.

Behind the broken log, turn left and look for an artifact - three monkeys. Keep moving and you will soon encounter another new enemy. Before that, you could meet an enemy with a bandage on his head. He attacks twice in a row, so block and only after two blocked hits, land two of your own on LMB. This is enough for his death. To touch an armored enemy on the bridge, you need to dodge his powerful blows (roll), block one normal and inflict two of your own, then either roll back or block the next blow and inflict two of your own. And so on until victory. Don't forget to pause to regenerate stamina.

Once in the village, go deeper and look for an improvement in endurance in the building. Move the wagon and look for a ladder leading to the roof. On the left, opposite the stairs, there is an artifact - Ema. Behind the house, kill the enemies (through the roof) and go through the gate on the left. Kill a powerful enemy in the building, and then the resident outside, in front of the gate, will give shurikens., Look for health improvement on the pier in the same yard. Go across the bridge. Do not go to the right along the boats, but enter the courtyard on the left. In a distant house with a dying man, look for the "Love Message" artifact and an improvement in stamina.

Run through the boats outside the yard, and when you enter the barn, look for an upgrade scroll on the bags in the foreground of the screen. Now you do not need to turn to the enemy to block. Just press Shift and your hero will do it automatically. Go further and turn onto the path in front of the sanctuary to find an artifact - a pyramid of salt. Follow the rooftops and kill the enemies. You can attack the enemy in armor from a swoop. Hold SPACEBAR, run towards him and RMB. So, you temporarily stun him. Land two LMB hits and roll away.

After crossing the bridge, enter the cave on the right. Save, take a scroll to increase the number of shurikens and improve health. Defeat the Sadatame boss. Use block to parry his spear attacks.

Act 3

When you walk along the first street in the village, there will be a wagon on the left. Nearby stands an artifact — a hammer of a blacksmith-gunsmith. Keep moving, go down below and break the bridge support to kill two enemies. Enter the building through the door on the left, not over the bridge. Both doors lead to the same place, the sanctuary, but the left one will allow you to find a scroll with a new move. Kill the enemies and go left. Having fallen down, kill new opponents and go outside. Eventually, you will encounter an archer. Use SPACE to roll to dodge arrows. Approach and attack the archer. But don't get close, otherwise he will kick, temporarily stun you and shoot an arrow. After the fight, you will receive a bow. The bow is a powerful ranged weapon that allows you to kill armored enemies with two shots!

Once in the stable, climb the stairs and drop the rack on the enemies. Go downstairs and exit into the courtyard. Hit the horse and the rock wagon will crash into the wall on the right. Also go first to the left where the horse ran to find a scroll with a new move. Run from cover to cover when the enemies are not firing. Don't rush as you need to kill regular opponents.

At the shrine, turn left, kill the enemies and look for an artifact in the courtyard - a magatama bead. You can explore the house on the left, kill the enemies and get a new move. Return to the shrine, go right and turn down to the front of the screen. There will be a barely noticeable path with boards. This path leads to the survivor. Pick up the scroll with an increase in the number of arrows and the artifact - the image of Fujin.

Keep moving, turn into the courtyard on the left, towards the woman and children. In the same place, look for an artifact - a fishing rod. Run across the field and roll from the attacks of opponents on horseback. If the enemy runs from left to right, he will most likely attack earlier, so there is no need to roll. After passing this section, continue to the right and look for a graveyard with a stamina upgrade. Enter the courtyard, kill the opponents and climb up to the ledge. Behind the first burning building, near the boxes, there is an artifact - a bronze mirror.

Once in the building behind the enemy with a spear (he dies with one shot from a bow), look in the room on the right for an artifact - inari sushi. Climb the stairs, go outside and climb the other one. After finding the samurai, turn right and look for the woman. Near it there is a scroll and health improvement. The scroll will increase the number of arrows. Follow up the mountain. Opposite the sanctuary, on the right there is a passage to the courtyard. There will be a scroll nailed to a tree. Keep killing enemies and activating shrines. The third one has a stamina boost and an artifact - a bowl of rice. At the end, you will have a battle against Kagero, but you cannot kill him.

To be continued...