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How to Find All Energy Drinks in Stray

We tell you where to find all the energy drinks in Stray.
How to Find All Energy Drinks in Stray
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
18 июля 2022

Trader Azuz asks for 3 Energy Drinks for the Relic (Drone Memory) and 1 Energy Drink for the Notes. Here's how to find four energy drinks to buy all Azusa items.

  1. All drinks are inside vending machines. There are more machines in the game, but only four are highlighted, and you can interact with them. Look for the first red vending machine in front of the street musician.
  2. Standing with your back to Momo's apartment, staying on the rooftops, look on the right side for another red vending machine.
  3. The white vending machine is in the alley where you came from. Just go back from the Guardian in a straight line back. In the alley, take the stairs to the right. There will be a machine gun and a B-12 memory.
  4. The fourth vending machine is much better hidden than the others. To find him, go to the designer grandmother and start climbing the air conditioner units outside, next to the woman. Jump up to the wooden board by the closed balcony and drop down on the other side to see the vending machine.

These are all the energy drinks you can find at Stray.

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