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All Сodes in Stray

There are several places in Stray where you need to solve or find codes and passwords for doors, safes and terminals. Here is a list of all available codes.
All Сodes in Stray
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
18 июля 2022

Codes and Passwords for Doors and Safes in Stray

  1. The code for the door in the apartment where you find B-12 is 3748 (behind the board in the room on the right, you need to drop the bucket down).
  2. The code for the safe in the alley next to the musician in the Slums - you need to take the notes to the programmer Elliot, then drop the painting above the DUFER BAR sign in the Slums bar. There will be a code on the wall - 1283.
  3. The code for the terminal in Seamus's apartment (Doc's secret laboratory) is 2511. Behind one of the paintings there is a clue that "time will tell." There is a clock on the wall. You must enter the number of hours that each clock points to (from left to right).

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