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Walkthrough Return to Monkey Island — Game Guide

Full Walkthrough Return to Monkey Island - Location of cards and answers to questions, solving puzzles.
Walkthrough Return to Monkey Island — Game Guide
Светлана Иванова
Дата публикации
20 сентября 2022

The walkthrough of the game is written on a difficult level.

Start the game. The heroes are in a pirate amusement park. A friend wants to try ScurvyDog. Go to the bar and find out the cost of the dish. You need Piastre. Take the toilet keys that hang on the side of the bartender's table. Go to the toilet. Pick up the token from the floor and take it to the bartender. He will take it for a piastres and give you two scurvydogs.

Explore the island. Talk to the girl, she will give you ideas. Review the to-do list.

Go to anchor. Examine it and talk to your friends. Next, run a race with Chucky. Approach the pond. The couple won't let you take the bread. While Chucky is distracted and starts digging in the basket, take the bread and feed the ducks.

Ketchup is lying near the lake. Use it on scurvy.

Walkthrough Return to Monkey Island — Game Guide

The clover is behind the rock in the clearing.

Walkthrough Return to Monkey Island — Game Guide

Head to the stage and practice swordsmanship. Then go down the road. There is the wishing well on the right. Make a wish.

Open the gate, follow to the bench on which the father is sitting. The father will begin to tell the story.

Chapter One

Speak with the old man. Go to the Scamm bar. Go down the stairs.

Walkthrough Return to Monkey Island — Game Guide

Take the book from the table. The answer to the first question is the kitchen. Talk to the pirates. However, they refuse to help.

Go to the city (to the lower street). You will meet Elaine. Next to Elaine's flyer is the fortune teller's house. Go in and talk to her. She will give you a book with hints.

Go to Upper Street. Check out the flyers. You can listen to the old woman looking out of the second-floor window.

Look into the prison and talk to the prisoners. Take the question card from the Wall.

Walkthrough Return to Monkey Island — Game Guide

The answer to the question: Wherever you poke your head, on land or sea, you will never hide from Largo LaGrande!

Go into the building opposite the prison - the housekeeper. Talk to the lady. Pick up a question card from the floor.

Walkthrough Return to Monkey Island — Game Guide

Get out of the city. Behind the rocks is the governor's mansion. Talk to her.

Go to the dock. On the way, you can look at the pier and take a card with a question. You can inspect LeChuck's ship. Soon you will see how LeChuck will be informed that you are on the island. He will order you to be killed.

To be continued...