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The Past Within — Walkthrough Guide 100%

We tell you how to go through all the chapters and solve all the puzzles.
The Past Within — Walkthrough Guide 100%
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
4 ноября 2022

The Past Within Walkthrough

The Past Within is a strictly cooperative game that can only be played with two players. However, in a separate guide, we told you how to start a single game, but, as our author warned, this can negatively affect the gaming experience.

Chapter 1

One player plays for the Past, the other for the Future. This is how we will distinguish between them in our article.

At the beginning of the chapter in the future, examine a device that looks like a computer. In the past we see a letter and a box with nine small buttons. The future needs to press the red switch on the computer to turn it on. The screen will turn on. When this happens, it will show the inscription "CUBICAL DEVICE 01BF" (CUBICAL DEVICE 01BF). It contains a memory with a person's room in the past. Make sure you keep in touch with the other player because you need to communicate throughout the game to help each other solve puzzles.

Press the Enter key under the Cubical Device screen to move to the next screen, and it will tell the person from the future that he needs to connect with the person in the past. The past needs to open the letter, read the date and tell it to the player in the future. Enter 1926 on the computer in the future. Tell the Past what flashing blocks you see on the screen so he can open the box. Confirm on the device that you opened the box in the past. He finds a matchbox and then teleports to the Future. Open the box in the future to get a switch.

Now the Future needs to set the switch on the left side of the device and turn it on. Click and drag it to the left, insert the switch into P-17 and turn it on. Four pictures will be displayed on the left, and the Future will have to tell what he sees to the Past in order to arrange them in the correct order. Playing as the Past, go right twice to see four paintings on the wall. The correct diagram of the drawings is as follows.

  • Top left - a picture with a crow
  • Top right - a picture with a butterfly
  • Bottom left - a picture of a tree
  • Bottom right - a picture of Albert and Rosa

By placing all the pictures in the correct order, the Future will receive different symbols in the same positions. The past needs to click on the box on the ground in the same area with the paintings. Now communicate the symbols to the Past so that he can open the box. The box will open and the Past will get the coal. The past needs to use the coal in the fire pit. After applying coal, the Past will receive a scheme of three rows with 5 notches each above the fire pit. The Future now needs to turn to the back of the device to find the same pattern as in the diagram in the Past. Ask the Past what he sees on the diagram to put the labels in the correct position. The correct slot positions are as follows:

  • 2nd mark in 1st row
  • 4th mark in 2nd row
  • 1st mark in 3rd row


After placing all the notches, a battery will appear from a small container on the right and the device will begin to smoke in the same way as in the room of the Past. Take the battery and insert it into the right side of the device. A small fan will start spinning and smoke will appear. The timer "17:15" will be displayed above the battery. You need to tell the Past to this time, and the Past should switch the area to the clock and set the time to "5:15". The smoke from the Past Room will begin to dissipate. The past needs to go to the screen with the coffin in order to break the image of Albert. Pick up the painting and the Past will find the key.

The past needs to put the key in the second drawer to find the mask. Click on the mirror and put on the face mask and the Past will see that his room will be covered in snow. Go to the double glass door with different shapes and symbols. The future will find the key and the picture when the fan starts spinning, so he needs to place the key under the small circle on the right side of the fan. Insert the key and turn it to open the round frame and Future will see an eye-like shape. Three different symbols will also appear around the eye, and Past needs to be told to place them around the shape of the eye on the glass door in the lower right corner of the screen.


When the symbols match, the Future will be able to look through the peephole and see two selected figures. The past is to click the shapes and the symbols around the eye will change. The Past has to tell the position of the symbols to the Future again, and after placing the symbols in the correct positions, more shapes will be highlighted and the Past needs to click on them. The symbols will change again and you will have to repeat the process until the door opens and they both see each other. The future will see Rose wearing a face mask, and Rose will see the device.

The past will find some papers on the right side of the cabinet that the device is on. They show the location of the switches. The Past should indicate the position of the switches to the Future, who should turn to the left side of the device and turn off the first two switches in the first row and the second switch in the second row. A film will appear, which the Future must insert into the device. After loading the film, an image of Albert Vanderboom will appear on the coffin. In the past, you need to go to the screen with the coffin and click on it to see the name. The Future needs to be told the flashing letters on the coffin, and the Past needs to click on these letters to open the coffin.


The future needs to press the Enter key on the device to go to the next screen. It is necessary to indicate which is closest to Albert. The past needs to click on the front pocket of Albert's Coat and get the code. The future needs to enter this code on the computer. After that, the device will show three different substances: Bone, Flesh and Blood. Past needs to place the orange triangle he found in the coffin on top of the cabinet to open it. The past will find in it the same three symbols of Bone, Flesh and Blood.


The future must go to the back of the car and find 20 buttons. The past must pull the handle, and he will find a tool with which to open Albert's mouth. The Past needs to place the tool in Albert's mouth, then the Future needs to point out the position of the blinking buttons, and then the Past needs to pull the tooth in Albert's mouth. Both need to communicate until the Past gets the required tooth.

Walkthrough The Past Within, еtooth puzzle

Now the Future needs to confirm the sequence of teeth with the Past on the device in order to proceed to a pure substance.

To be continued...