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Walkthrough The Callisto Protocol - Game Guide

Watch the introductory video. Go in the cargo hold. Check the cargo.
Walkthrough The Callisto Protocol - Game Guide
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
23 ноября 2022

Walkthrough The Callisto Protocol

Chapter 1

The Game begins with a cutscene of a woman roaming the streets in a place called Europa. The streets are full of corpses and the woman seems to be the only person still alive there. Next to a corpse there’s a purple cube. The game cuts to the main Protagonist Jacob and his co-pilot Max who were watching a news report about the before-mentioned Europa, which fell victim to a bio-terrorist attack by the woman.

Chapter 1 is a pretty short introduction to the game which takes place on your ship and is basically just a short tutorial for Jacob’s movement. As soon as you gain control of Jacob follow the path and you will see two doors on your left with green signw saying “unlocked”. Head through the one on the left and open the locker there to find the first and only collectible in this chapter Data-Bios #1 – Jacob Lee: Jacob’s Job. Other than that there isn’t anything of interest in this section of the game.

Just keep following the only path available and learn how to vault and climb. After securing the Cargo, Jacob wants to take a look at the rest of the ship and there he notices the ship has been boarded by an organization called “The Outer Way”. Here you will unlock the unmissable story trophy The Outer Way.

During the attack the game will teach you other movement options like crouching, shimmying and sprinting. Just keep following the only path forward until Jacob sprints into a room and closes it to lock out the intruders. The woman on your ship is the one from the news report and she shoots the window to your cockpit, causing it to lose pressure. After a climbing section in which you only have to climb up, a cutscene will trigger leading to the spaceship crash-landing.

During the crash-landing Max dies and Jacob is discovered by an officer and security robots. However, after a talk with Captain Ferris who finds you, Jacob as well as the woman who attacked your ship, are both taken prisoner by the security robots. With that the first chapter ends.

Chapter 2

Captain Ferris explains to Jacob and the woman that they are now inmates of Black Iron Prison. Jacob tries to explain himself but Ferris doesn’t care about anything Jacob says and is simply following the warden’s orders. After refusing to get up, Jacob is being transported to the cell block by Captain Ferris and his security robot.

Before being dumped into a cell, Jacob is being implanted with a device into his neck. After that Jacob finds himself in his Cell.

You gain control of Jacob during a dream/hallucination in his cell. Explore the cell and find a purple cube on the floor to end the dream. Jacob wakes up to an alarm in the prison and doesn’t know what is happening. Everything is on fire and he finds out his cell door is open. This is where you regain control of Jacob and the game really begins.

Head out your cell and go right, follow the path. Go down the stairs and there you will find Elias in his cell. Talk to him. Jacob agrees to help release Elias from his cell in exchange for Elias’ help to escape the prison. Elias gives Jacob a shiv and the Desperate Times trophy will unlock.

Using the Shiv open the gate and follow the path over the bridge. At the end use your Shiv again to gain access to the tower. Inside you will find inmates beating up each other and you will get attacked by them, which acts as a tutorial for the dodge mechanics.

During this sequence you will also receive an iron pipe which will be your melee weapon for now. The dodge mechanics are important and you should learn how to do it since the game relies heavily on it, particularly on Maximum Security difficulty. To dodge you have to HOLD either left or right (it doesn’t matter) on the analog stick to dodge the first strike, should the enemy go for another strike you have to change the direction of your dodge for the next strike. So keep alternating between holding left and right to dodge the moves until the enemy stops attacking and once they do hit them with your :r2: melee attack to beat them up.

After dealing with the inmates the first regular enemy will attack you. So dodge its attacks and beat it up with :r2: melee attacks until it dies. In this chapter you can easily obtain the Flesh Wound trophy for removing both arms from an enemy by hitting it with melee attacks (should very much unlock naturally). Additionally, make sure to always stomp on enemy corpses with :triangle: in order for them to drop some loot.

Once the first enemy is defeated Jacob will open the cell Elias is in. Go back over the bridge and meet Elias. The gate you came from is locked now so take the walkway in the other direction. You will find another enemy on the walkway there. Here you can farm the Float like a Butterfly trophy for 5 perfect dodges. You can do perfect dodges by tapping (not holding) the left stick just before an enemy strikes you, then the dodge will be in slow motion. The perfect dodges can be farmed via checkpoint reload, it’s easy to do against the 2nd enemy in the game here after the combat tutorial. After getting the trophy via checkpoint reload, take the elevator down.

Once again follow the only path and after crawling under an obstacle you will end up in another hallway with an enemy climbing the railing immediately to fight you. After defeating the enemy follow the path and grab the Health Injector from the box on the wall. Keep an eye open for those since they are free healings. Follow the path again and take the elevator which will take you down to the Solitary.

Follow the path. Open the first door by mashing :triangle: . Afterward you can find an Energy Converter on some boxes next to the door, which you can sell for Credits at a shop later on (shops are available from Chapter 3 onward). The next hallway has an open cell on the left and a cell you can shimmy into on the right. The one on the right has a blue lootbox which can contain health or credits. The game usually gives you what you need most – if your health is low you have a higher chance of finding health items, if you inventory is pretty full and you have high health you are more likely to find credits. Stomp on the box to get the loot. In the next section you can find some Credits in the cell on the left.

The next hallway leading to the elevator has the first Crate which you can open to obtain random loot, once again there can be anything in it, the rewards are randomized throughout the game. Go to the elevator now and it will take you to the infirmary where you encounter a security robot killing inmates.

Go through the vent and keep sneaking past the robot until you reach the door leading to Implant M110. Next to the door you can grab another Health Injector. Go inside and there will be another Crate that will have a small enemy inside jumping at you, teaching you that some crates may not be safe to open. There is, however, no way to tell beforehand if an object contains an enemy or not so these are basically jumpscares to throw you off. In the same room grab the Data-Bios #2 – Dr. Caitlyn Mahler: Mahler’s Appointment that is lying on crates there and grab the Fuse from the wall afterward.

Instead of using the Fuse in here, go back to the hallway you came from and open the door leading to Cardiology M116 there using the Shiv. With the fuse you can open the door you will find there granting you another Energy Converter you can sell. This whole area is optional and you can find some lockers to loot. In the showers you can also find some loot but breaking the small blue loot box will trigger 3 enemies to spawn so be aware of that. Once you have looted the area return to the Implant M110 room (make sure to grab the Fuse again). Now use the Fuse to open the door leading to Mezzanine M123.

Immediately after opening the gate an enemy will rush you so take care of it and climb the vents to reach the security room. Inside you will obtain the Stun Baton which will replace your iron pipe and will stay your melee weapon for the rest of the game. You can upgrade it later for more damage. Open the door using the computer in the room but be aware of an enemy appearing once you approach the door, use the opportunity to test out your newly acquired Stun Baton.

Follow the path once again and you will return to the Cell Block. You can see another Health Injector on the wall there if you need it. You can see 2 enemies roaming the area in front you too. Try to bait one towards you to defeat it, which will spawn another one behind you. Lure them to you one by one is better since you can take them on individually instead of fighting them all at once. You have to defeat a total of 4 enemies in this area. Once they are dealt with, jump the small barricade and check the cell on the right which is Elias’ cell. There you can find the collectible Data-Bios #3 – Elias Porter: Elias’s Anticipation.

Head upstairs and go through the now open security gate. Take the elevator up to the tower and after the cutscene with Ferris grab the collectible Data-Bios #4 – Cpt. Leon Ferris: Ferris’s Lament from the table there. Leave the room and follow the only path and the chapter will end a few doors later.

Chapter 3

As soon as the chapter starts follow the path downstairs and open the door. Be careful, you will be attacked by an enemy as soon as you open the door. In the next room shimmy through the security gate and during a cutscene you will reunite with Elias. Loot the lockers after the cutscene and once again shimmy to the next room.

In this room you will find the first Reforge which acts as a shop and crafting station in the game. You can sell your stuff here as well as print ammo, weapons (if you have the schematics for them) and healing, as well as upgrade all your equipment. Grab the stuff from the crate next to the Reforge and print the Hand Cannon, which will grant you the Paper Jams trophy Make sure to sell all the loot you picked up on the way as well for some extra credits. If you have some credits left you can also upgrade either the Hand Cannon or the Stun Batton for the first time which will grant you the Reforged trophy. Your gun also unlocks a new combat function: after a melee combo you will be able to perform an additional shot to a weakpoint of an enemy, which actually deals more damage than shooting multiple bullets from a distance. You probably want to stick to melee + the additional shot during the combo as long as you only have the Hand Cannon. This saves ammo and lets you lock enemies into long combos. Hit 3 times with a melee attack, follow up with a hand cannon shot, repeat to keep the enemy locked into an endless loop.

Leave the room and follow the path until you run into a scene of an enemy infecting a guard. Take it out and take the elevator down afterward. Soon after this you will encounter a new enemy who is spitting green stuff at you (“Spitter”). Defeat it. Then in this hallway you can either go left and jump over a barricade with a broken window, or go straight. Go left first since it leads into an optional area having a loot crate. As always some enemies will spawn there as well, this time it will be 2 of the regular enemies. Loot the area down there and return back through the vents, climb up the ladder and go back to the fork in the road, going straight this time towards the recreation area.

You can break the glass window on the right to find some loot. Afterward head left and follow the only path. In the little “guard room” at the end, climb up the wall to the vents. After crawling through, you will end up in a room with a broken security robot and 2 regular enemies. Take them out. Once you try to get through the door you will be told it’s blocked and you need an implant from a Guard. Return to the broken security bot at the start of the area, there’s a corpse at its feet, interact with it to harvest the implant bio from the corpse. This counts as collectible Data-Bios #5 (Harvest #1) – Sgt. Eric Jane: Locked Door.

Now head through the door leading to laundry B202. In the laundry room one enemy will wake up when you try to pass by it. At the end of the hallway you can either go left or right through a doors. Go right first and at the end of this path you can find the collectible Data-Bios #6 (Harvest #2) – Ofc. Pruitt Matos: Laundry in the room labeled as “Office B112” from a corpse. There’s another loot crate in that room. To the left of the office entrance you can crouch into a room with some glass cabinets that can be destroyed for some more loot.

Now return to the laundry room and take the left door. The intended way to go is taking the first door on the left but we need to go straight instead. Shiv the pannel on the wall leading to Workshop B415 and crawl through the floor vent on the right. After leaving the vent continue dropping down some holes and you will find a secret room, which one of two rooms needed for The Commonality trophy. In this room you will also find the collectible Data-Bios #7 – Duncan Cole: Secret Room 1 on a table. This secret room also has a loot crate. Once done, shimmy back into the hallway and take the ladder back to return to the workshop where you came from. Outside the workshop 2 regular enemies will now roam the area.

Now head through the door on the side leading towards Maintenance B414. Kill the enemy that ambushes you here and head towards Medical Ward C101. Immediately after opening this door grab the collectible Data-Bios #8 (Harvest #3) – Dr. Ewan Hayes: MedLab Outbreak from the corpse. Same hallway also has another loot crate. At the end of the hallway shimmy into the next room.

During a cutscene Jacob will pick up a GRP which is a glove that allows you to use telekinesis. It is VERY helpful since it allows you to grab enemies and throw them at environmental hazards for free kills. So from now on you can easily work towards Workplace Hazard and Chew ‘Em Up Trophies by throwing enemies into environmental hazards like spiked walls or spinning fan blades. In order to progress you have to grab the Fuse from the door you came in through and place it on the door on the opposite side of the room. But first you should leave the fuse behind and approach the exit door. Reason: when you approach the door 2 enemies will attack you, having the fuse spawns an additional 2 enemies. So it’s better to first take care of those 2 enemies and come back for the Fuse afterward.

Go through the next door and head straight. Loot everything in the first room, the second room has a Reforge where you can once again upgrade and sell your stuff. There are also 4 lockers here, the 2nd locker from the left has a small worm enemy attacking you so it’s best to not open that one. Head back to the previous room and take the other exit now towards Med Observation C108. Open the gate and in the room with corpses hanging from the ceiling grab the collectible Data-Bios #9 (Harvest #4) – Ofc. Dachs Symmons: Hanged Guard from the corpse on the ground. Follow the path into the elevator shaft, the elevator will crash and you will find yourself in the Basement.

Right in front of you will be a cocoon that resides a new enemy type (“Snakehead”). It’s a snake-like enemy with a head that grabs you from afar forcing you to mash :triangle: to get rid of it. They are pretty hard to see most of the time and will catch you by surprise a lot. You can just shoot the cocoon in advance to kill it, though. If you take too much damage you can reload the checkpoint, then you will already know where these Snakeheads are and shoot them before they grab you.

You will need a fuse for the door on the right which you can get by climbing on the left side and following the path there. After climbing there will be another Snakehead cocoon so shoot it immediately. Another regular enemy will attack you and directly after that there is another Snakehead cocoon in front of a big fan. You can also start going for environmental kills here since you can find a fan and spikes all over the place in this area. At the back of the big fan you can find another enemy who you can easily throw into the fan. Next to the fan pick up collectible Data-Bios #10 (Harvest #5) – Ofc. Kerry Brown from the corpse there.

Climb up again and you can grab a Health Injector from the wall if you need it. The next area has a few Spitters and regular enemies who you can kill with environmental kills if you want to. There’s an explosive canister you can shoot when enemies are near it, and you can throw the others into the spiked walls using the GRP Glove ( :l2: + :x: > :r2: / :lt: + :a: > :rt: ). Grab the Fuse from the ground and head back the way you came from. Use the Fuse on the door there and get through the vent to find the schematics for the Skunk Gun, which you can redeem at the next Reforge to craft it. On your way out grab the Fuse again and go to the area you originally got it from to open the door leading towards the SHU. Follow the corridor and take the elevator up to the SHU.

Go out of the elevator and up the stairs to your right. In the next room you will reunite with Elias and unlock the If the SHU fits… Trophy. Head downstairs and sell your stuff at the Reforge, upgrade whatever you like (upgrading the melee weapon “Stun Baton” is the most useful throughout the game, particularly on Maximum Security difficulty). Then move on towards the Gondola. While on the Gondola the door on the opposite end will open and spitters will attack you, you can just grab them with the GRP and throw them into the abyss for easy kills. Get out on the other side and prepare for a survival section.

Grab the 2 fuses and the Health Injector from the wall and climb up the boxes on the side where you entered the room. Up there you can find the collectible Data-Bios #11 (Harvest #6) – Tadhg Song and another Health Injector. Once you insert the fuses, environmental hazards in the room will activate and you will have to survive an enemy onslaught. Make use of the spinning grinders by throwing enemies into them with GRP for quick kills. The spinning rolls in the middle are particularly useful, you can GRP-pull enemies towards you while standing behind those spinning rolls, which will instantly kill the enemies, without throwing them. This consumes less battery charge than throwing them. After surviving the waves of enemies, head through the newly opened door and kill the enemy crawling at you (it’s best to shoot it in the head). Upstairs you can find an Energy Converter which you can conveniently sell at the Reforge in the same room. Interact with the computer to move the cells and head back downstairs.

Take the elevator down, kill the enemy by throwing off the stage and interact with the cell on the right. If you used your GRP a lot you probably end up unlocking the Get a Grip trophy in this chapter as well for grabbing 25 enemies. After the cutscene grab the final collectible in this chapter Data-Bios #12 – Dani Nakamura from the cell. Shiv the panel to open the cell door and climb out of the cell. Go through the vent and kill the enemy in front of you. Shimmy between 3 sets of pipes and before jumping over the small pipe next, shoot the Snakehead cocoons behind it first. Follow the path, take care of the small worm enemies and before going downstairs shoot the next Snakehead cocoon down there.

There’s another shimmy section, then go down the ladder. Another enemy will come at you. A very easy spot to obtain the In striking Distance Trophy should you not have it yet. Hit it with melee attack until it loses a limb, throw it against a wall with GRP and finish it off with another melee attack (the first hit after using GRP has to kill it to pop the trophy). You can get the trophy anywhere else as well but since you are in a very small room, this spot makes it very convenient. But do not worry, you can get the trophy wherever you can find an enemy and a wall to throw it against. Use GRP to remove the vent cover on the left and go through it. On the other side kill the enemy and continue until you reach the room with the Security Robot. Shoot its head with your pistol until it dies, but be careful since it can instant kill you. So take a few shots and hide behind a crate. Killing the Robot will unlock the Terminated trophy. Depending your pistol’s upgrade level and the difficulty it takes 3-6 bullets to defeat the robot.

Go through the vent at the end of the room after killing the infected guard. After the next shimmy section you will reach a trap corridor with an instant-kill saw moving at you. You can hide on either left or right side of the corridor and let it move past you while it also kills the 3 enemies that will spawn after reaching each segment of it. At the beginning of the section you can remove a vent cover to get 2 small loot boxes. Climb the vent at the end and approach the window for a cutscene. After the cutscene loot the lockers and open the hatch to a ladder. Climbing down the ladder ends the chapter.

Chapter 4

Follow the linear path down the ladder and grab the Health Injector from the wall if you need it. There is also a Reforge here so pay it a visit before heading downstairs. Push the chest away to reveal a vent you have to go through. Before you do that make sure to push the chest towards the middle of the room where you can grab a Pristine Energy Converter by climbing up the big block.

Follow the path and in a circular area filled with sludge take care of the enemy that attacks you and turn the first valve. Climb the now open vent and follow the linear path. After seeing a body by dragged away by a monster, climb up the last vent at the end to exit the area with the green sludge. In this new area (without slude) you can go either left or right. On the right side you will find a regular enemy which you can easily throw into the spikes behind him. Up the ladder destroy the loot shelves.

Now take the path on the left side, climb up the crate here. On top of the crate is a loot box as well as the collectible Data-Bios #13 – Dr. Caitlyn Mahler: Corruptors. Once you grabbed it climb back down and enter the vent next to the gate of “Purification B H207”.

After crawling through the vent, in the next room you will have to pick up 2 fuses and place them in the fuse boxes, but watch out for the first Stalker enemy who will creep up on you. If you don’t manage to kill it, it will just enter a vent and run away. After placing the first fuse, a Spitter will also come out of a vent. Next to the exit of the room make sure to pick up the collectible Data-Bios #14 (Harvest #7) – Ofc. Bruno Vorenus: Crosswired from the corpse next to the door.

Go through the crawlspace and before going down the ladder go left to reach an optional area. Tear down the vent cover with your GRP and at the other end of the vent you will find some a loot crate. Now head down the ladder. The small stairs on the left side of this sludge area have some ammo but also some little worms that will attack you (actually better to ignore this on Maximum Security difficulty to avoid taking damage from the worms). On the right side of the room turn the second valve and head through the vent into a room with a Reforge. There you also find the third valve.

Turning the third valve will trigger worm enemies to attack you, shoot them and head back through the now open door into the vent that opened in the sludge area. Past the first shimmy you will run straight into a Health Injector on the wall. Follow the path into an open area. You will be attacked by 2 regular enemies and a spitter. Here you will have to find a fuse which is located up a ladder at the end of the middle path in the room. After picking it up and going down the ladder 2 more enemies will attack you. The long walkway with the loot crate at the end will have another set of 3 enemies once you loot the crate but you can use the explosive canister to kill some of them quickly (or ignore this optional path entirely to avoid the enemies spawning). Heading towards the fuse box will spawn another spitter and a guard enemy. Place the fuse to leave the area.

Before entering the water control room, run past it and shiv the door at the end. Follow the path and switch the Fuses to open a new area with some loot, a loot crate and the collectible Data-Bios #15 – Dr. Jae Moon-Bell: Cocoons past the decontamination room. Go back and switch the fuses again to leave the area but watch out for the 2 enemies that spawn when you open the door.

Now head back into the big room in the middle. You can’t interact with the computer yet since you need an access code. At the end of the room you can find a Health Injector. Both doors lead into the same area so it doesn’t matter which one you take. There enter office F244 to find another Health Injector and some loot. Afterward head into the lounge. Sell all the stuff you don’t need at the Reforge, loot the room. Past the lockers you can squeeze through a gap. Here an enemy will attack you which introduces you to mutations. Whenever an enemy exposes tentacles, shoot them to prevent them from mutating.

Grab the collectible Data-Bios #16 (Harvest #8) – Ofc. James Reese: Suicide Guard from the dead guard which is also the Access Code you need to progress. Head back to the computer in the big hall you passed earlier, kill the 2 enemies by sneaking up to them and knifing them from behind in stealth. Afterward you will have to survive an onslaught of stalkers so get your gun ready. When they come at you, shoot them, dodge when they try to melee you, and counter-strike them with melee after dodging. When the onslaught is over, activate the bridge, go up the ladder and follow the path down another ladder.

Grab some loot from the short end of the tunnel and head towards the longer path next. After a short walk, the floodgates will open and you will end up in a sliding section. Nothing particularly difficult about it, the game gives you more than enough time and space to react to the obstacles. Towards the end of the section you will have to fight off a stalker with a QTE pressing :triangle: all the time. Climb up the chain at the end and you will unlock the Without a Paddle trophy.

After the slide, loot the area and move on towards Access Hall F813. In the foggy corridor you will have to fight off another group of 4 enemies who will spawn tentacles, kill them all and move on. On Maximum Security this section can be quite tricky. Try to kill the first enemy very quickly and try to take out the second enemy before the third and fourth have time to reach you. Whenever these enemies expose the tentacles on their chest, make sure you shoot the tentacles. Do not refocus your attention on other enemies when one of them has their tentacles out. The tentacles make them mutate after a few seconds, so the trick is to kill them before they have a chance to mutate. Always do 3 melee strikes, followed by a gun shot to the chest where the tentacles are, repeat this. If you get hit by the other enemies once or twice it’s fine, just don’t let the enemies mutate and kill them quickly, or else you will get overrun.

After the encounter you can either go downstairs to the right, or straight ahead through a door you can shiv. The area straight ahead is an optional loot area so go in there if you need something (can ignore if if your inventory is already full). The end of the loot area also has an unavoidable snakehead enemy who will grab you after climbing up a ladder.

After the loot area backtrack to the corridor and now head downstairs to open the big door. Take the elevator down and head to the left side of the area towards Oxygen Processing while avoiding the security robot, since it is not really worth fighting it. Inside Oxygen Processing you will a Reforge. First go left and follow the path there to find the collectible Data-Bios #18 – Ofc. James Reese: Security after a shimmy. Shimmy back and grab the loot crate in front of you, then head back to the main room after dealing with the newly spawned enemies.

On the right side now follow the path, kill the 3 enemies on your way (conveniently placed spikes in this area to toss enemies at them) and kill the stalker in the next hallway. On the right you can find some loot but you have to climb the crate and go through the vent where the stalker spawned. There you will find the collectible Data-Bios #17 (Harvest #9) – Sgt. Bill Pekelo on a corpse which you need in order to access the computer. Make sure the collectible registered in the Data-Bios Menu ( :up: > :r1: / :rb: ) since it is known to bug out, if it doesn’t register (stays blacked out), reload the checkpoint and pick it up again! Now access the computer and head back outside.

Outside you will be attacked by a total of 5 stalkers, take care of them and head into the facility. Shiv the door on your left and kill the 3 enemies there to find the collectible Data-Bios #19 – Ofc. Kyle Serra: Evacuation at the end of the hallway.

Now head to the right path and climb down through the hatch. In the next room you will have to kill a group of enemies but there are also a bunch of environmental kill opportunities here for easy disposal. After the fight crouch under the boxes in the right back corner and follow the path. Climb up the broken bridge to reunite with Elias. After a cutscene the chapter will end.

Chapter 5

Starting with this chapter you will finally obtain a suit which will upgrade your health and your inventory to 12 slots.

There is literally nothing you can find in the area so don’t bother searching through it. Head straight through the snowstorm until you run into a shape in the distance. It’s an enemy so dispose of it. Keep following the path, down the cliffs and after a while you will finally find Elias. A cutscene will follow. Afterward head through the gate in front of you.

In the next area ignore the building labeled C2 on your right for now and head into the back of this area. There you will find 2 doors, in the left one on a shelf you can grab the collectible Data-Bios #20 – Miranda Kristofich: Terraforming.

The other door has nothing but loot. Once done head to building C2 you ran past while getting here. Head downstairs and follow the path – some of the frozen corpses are disguised enemies so watch out. Outside dispose of another 2 enemies and go uphill toward a broken bridge.

Cross the bridge and before you can open the gate you will be attacked by a stalker, kill it. Inside next section a trapped worker will ask for your help but there is nothing you can do. You have to simply survive the enemy onslaught in this open area. Defeat the stalkers and a couple of regular enemies. You can shoot the explosive canisters on the ground when enemies are near them (easy instant kills). You will hear the worker dying while fighting. Once you have killed everything head to the right side of the section and an enemy will come through the door. Inside pick up collectible Data-Bios #21 (Harvest #10) – Richard Cids as well as Health Injector. Now head back outside and go through the door on the left side. Once there head down to the Tunnels.

In the tunnels follow the path, crawl under some debris and when the road splits for the first time go left to find the collectible Data-Bios #22 – Dr. Caitlyn Mahler: Combustors. Afterward take the path on the right.

Once again follow the only path until the road splits and head left first for some loot. Afterward take the path that goes straight ahead. After a shimmy, kill the Crawler coming at you and head where it came from. Head downstairs to your left. Kill the enemy down there using the spikes and grab the loot from the left side where the next fork in the road is. Head right afterward. Another crawler will come at you from the left so kill it and once again head downstairs.

Go right and kill both the crawlers coming at you and follow the only path, shimmy through the crack right after. In the next room you can use a canister for a free kill on an unaware enemy. Head upstairs and kill the 2 crawlers coming at you. Upstairs the road will split into 3 paths: the one on the left has 2 enemies and a loot crate, the one straight ahead has some loot, the one on the right is where you have to go.

On the right path, an enemy will drop down so kill it and take the Health Injector from the wall before heading up the ladder. Outside grab the small loot container on the right and head into the garage. Wait for the airlock and go through the door. Inside you will have to fight a group of enemies to progress, once again use the environment to your advantage. There is also another Health Injector in this room on the left wall. Afterward head upstairs and shiv the door for a cutscene. You will receive a Riot Gun from Dani which is pretty useful (it’s a Shotgun). After the cutscene head upstairs, enter the next room and pick up the collectible Data-Bios #23 (Harvest #11) – Lt. Devon Wayne: Close the Gate from the corpse on the floor behind the tables.

Interacting with the computer will let you know that 2 security rooms have to be activated at the same time. Head through the next door to find a Reforge. Follow the path, go downstairs and through the airlock. Outside you can once again find a loot box on your right, then head back inside on the other side. Call the elevator and kill the Spitter that comes out of it.

In the next area don’t worry about the enemy in the cage, it is stuck there for good. Climb the crate and grab the fuse for the door you just ran past. Use the computer to unlock the security gate. Head back to the gate you saw when entering the room which is now open. Going left will let you find a small loot box again. Head through the door leading to Prisoner Transfer S408 next.

In the next room grab the collectible Data-Bios #24 (Harvest #12) – Ofc. Aaron Taycho from the corpse stuck in the spinning blade contraption. It will activate all the traps and spawn some enemies. There is also a Pristine Energy Converter on a box next to the contraption with the collectible. Head upstairs afterward and use the Reforge in the security room if you need to sell/buy/upgrade anything. Activate the computer afterward.

Head through the now-open door and follow the path downstairs and through the airlock. Outside defeat the fake frozen enemies and head to Dani.

Dani will take you to the crash site of your ship. Follow her in and once inside check the second door on the left to find the collectible Data-Bios #25 – Max Barrow: Max’s Concern. You will also unlock the Crash Site trophy while inside your ship. Follow Dani and watch the cutscene.

Shortly after the cutscene you will walk through snow and squeeze through a gap to enter a hangar. Once inside check the back of the vehicle on the right side of the room to find the collectible Data-Bios #26 (Harvest #13) – Sgt. Scott Dvitny: Eradication. Go upstairs and through the airlock afterward. Grab the loot crate and follow Dani.

In the room with all the dying robots make sure to grab the collectible Data-Bios #27 – Dr. Caitlyn Mahler: Shipments from the right corner of the room. Follow Dani into the elevator afterward. Once you arrive at the top, In the Pipe, Five by Five trophy will unlock. After the cutscene you will be launched into the air and have to dodge stuff while dropping, similar to the water sliding section from last chapter. At some point you will have to press :x: to grab a bar midair (if you have QTE accessibility settings enabled it may autocomplete). A cutscene will play and the chapter will end.

Chapter 6

After the intro cutscene just follow Dani. After walking a bit with Dani you will be separated. Just follow the given path. You will soon come across this place. If you crawl through the left side you can find some credits. If you got the credits, you can go back and jump down. After jumping down just get on the other side of the cell block. Again follow the given path, there’s not much to see here. After a while, you will have to climb down a ladder. Follow the path and go over the bridge to reach Dani. You will fall down, and after that, you will hang upside down. Once you are free, kill both enemies in this room, now leave this room.

After the room where you hang upside down you will get into the room with the Data-Bio on the table. Now go through the door. You will have two options here, to the left is the story path but if you follow the Path to the right you will find a Resource Cache.

Turn to the right and follow the given path. After squeezing through a second wall you will reach a room with two enemies and the Resource Cache in the corner. Now leave the room through the door next to the Cache and you will reach the room where you found Data-Bios #28 – Dr. Sheehan Yune: Field Log 1 , this time instead of turning right, go to the left. Just follow the given path.

You will now reach this point after you fought two enemies that break out from the wall. In the room to the right, you can find a weapon schematic on the table. Once again follow the given path, there’s nothing else to see.  After a while you will come across this upgrade station, you can not miss it. Follow the given path, and climb up here.

Shortly after climbing up, you will reach this floor with some blind enemies. You can sneak through here, you don’t need to kill someone. After going through the door, immediately turn to the left and get the collectible. Follow the given path, once you reached this place, climb up the ladder to the left. Soon after you will reach a room with a lot of blind enemies. You can go completely stealth through this room. You have to reach a door on the other side of this room.

After you get to the door, which you can not open yet, turn around and go to the left and squeeze through the wall. You will get into a room with an upgrade station, leave this room through the door next to the upgrade station. In the next room, you will find the Keycard on a box next to a terminal. Now backtrack to the closed door in the room with the blind enemies and use the keycard here.

After opening the door with the keycard and follow the given path. You will reach this place where you can drop down on the left or for the collectible, go through the corridor on the right until the end to find the collectible on the ground. Next to the Collectible, you will find a Cache with some resources. Now go back through the corridor and go down and follow the story path. You will reach an area with a lot of blind enemies again. You can stealth through this area without killing anyone. You need to reach the door on the other side of this room.

After the room with the blind enemies, you will get into a corridor with an upgrade station to the left. After the upgrade station jump down here, and you will fight against some enemies here. Now leave this room, squeeze through the wall and climb up the ladder.

Right after climbing up the ladder, you are supposed to go to the right and enter the Control Room, but instead, crouch and go through the wall right in front of you and follow the given path. After crawling and jumping down into a room, leave the room through a hole in the ground. Follow the path until you reach the room. Once you enter it you will unlock :gold: The Commonality, only if you found Data-Bios #7 – Duncan Cole: Secret Room 1” from Chapter 2 before. The Cache and the Data Bio are at the end of this room. Now turn around and leave this room. Now instead of going to the right where you came from, you have to go to the left to leave this area.

You will reach the Control Room, and interact with the button to reset the Breakers. After pressing the button, turn around and leave the room through the door on the right. The first breaker is just on the other side of the bridge. Now turn around and climb down the ladder, defeat the enemies here before interacting with the second breaker. Now go through the gate and follow the given path to the third breaker. Interacting with it will unlock bronze: Power Up

Follow the orange glowing cable back to the transport platform where you picked up the keycard earlier in this mission.

Now interact with the terminal, this will lock you into this area and a fight will start. There will be a total of 4 waves. One wave has 3-4 enemies. Each wave will spawn from a different side.

After defeating all 4 waves a two-headed mutant will spawn. Dodge one attack, them shoot him once, repeat this cycle of one dodge, one shot. After it gets knocked out and goes on the ground you must MELEE ATTACK it to make it split it half. One head will be killed and the other remains. Repeat the strategy from before of dodging and shooting it, when it goes on the floor a second time you must again MELEE ATTACK it to kill it for good. Killing him will unlock :gold: Two Heads Are Better Than One.

Right after killing the two-headed mutant, you can leave the platform. The collectible will be in front of you on the ground. You can not miss it. To end this mission go through the door next to the collectible.

Chapter 7

At the very beginning of this chapter, go down the little stairs and immediately turn to the left to find this collectible on the ground. After the collectible turn to the right and follow the given path. Right after Dani tells you to meet her at the tower, turn to the left and pick up the collectible from the shelf before climbing down the ladder. After climbing down the ladder, follow the given path. You will reach a room with blind enemies, you can go stealth through here and stab them from behind. After defeating them all, climb the ladder in the right corner of the area.

After climbing up the ladder, turn to your right and go through the door on the left side. Inside this room is a corpse with the collectible on it. Get out of the room, turn to the right and go through the General Store, behind the store you will find the Assault Rifle Schematic inside a toilet room. Get out of the toilet room and head into the security room and pick up the Key Card.

Climb down the ladder that you used to get up here, open up the room in front of you and interact with the terminal. Just get into the elevator outside the room where you interacted with the terminal. Right after you exit the elevator,  this collectible will be on the ground in front of you. After the collectible, go up the stairs and go to the right (the door on the left side has nothing important inside). Follow the path and go up the stairs to Hightown.

After going upstairs, go into the house on the right side to find the collectible on a corpse. Get out of the house and go in the Bathroom direction. You need to find a Fuse for the Gate. The Fuse is in the house on the left side. Get out of the house, turn to the left and go into the house at the end of this path. There is a Resource Cache inside. Backtrack to the signs that said “Bathroom” and “Rooftop”, pass it, go up the stairs, and follow the path to find the Gate where you have to use the Keycard.

Right after you used the Keycard, this collectible will be on the ground in front of the upgrade station. Climb up the ladder near the upgrade station and follow the given path. After a little cutscene with Dani, you will fight against another two-headed mutant. It’s the same strategy as in Chapter 6 – dodge once, shoot once, repeat until it goes down, use melee attack to kill one head, repeat the dodge/shoot/melee attack for the second head.

After the fight against the two-headed mutant, follow Dani. You will get separated from Dani, follow the given path. You will be in the same area where you found Data-Bio 35. Climb up the same ladder again. Turn to the right and go to the end of the path and enter the door to reunite with Dani. Just follow her into the dome. Go through the door to the left of Dani, and follow the given path through the laboratory. After the third door, you will get :bronze: What Lies Beneath and a cutscene will start.

After the cutscene, you will fight against Cpt. Ferris. The key here is to dodge his attacks. He attacks with three melee strikes. After he did his three strikes, attack him with melee attacks. Rinse and repeat. Right after the fight with Cpt. Ferris, get onto the platform and interact with the terminal. A cutscene will start.

Right after the cutscene, get off the platform and you will find the collectible immediately to your right on a box. Follow the given path and go through the door. Dani will interact with a terminal after that go through the door next to the terminal, this will end the chapter.

Chapter 8