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How to Kill boss Deacons of the Deep Dark Souls 3

How to Beat Deacons of the Deep?

If you want to destroy one of the bosses of the game Dark Souls 3 named of the Deacons of the Deep, we can help you. You must comply with a number of recommendations, as described below.

Here is a group of opponents, which you can attack. After you kill an enemy, after a few seconds, he will reborn. At the same time the health of the boss (scale) not moves. Why? You need to find the enemy in a crowd of enemies, whose eyes burn red.

The boss move into it! At the same it must be a huge headdress. Defeat is the villain and you can’t touch the other mobs. When you attack the enemy, do not let the rest of the enemies you have to press. To avoid this, use circular attacks, and the shield can all be removed. Use a pill that increases protection against fire.

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