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How to create checkpoints and short routes in Below

Players will die many times. You will explore the caves and different locations. There will be pitch black, deadly traps and dangerous enemies.

You can create your own checkpoints or open short routes unless you want to repeat everything after each death. In this case, you do not have to replay earlier episodes.

After each death in BELOW you are automatically moved to the very beginning. The main character loses his belongings; he has to return all this, moving to the place of the last death. This place will be marked on the map "skull". Checkpoints are a great way to move to the right part of the dungeon instantly. Checkpoint can be used only once, but short routes remain constantly.

How to create them:

  • You need to spend 25 fragments to create a checkpoint (fire will be blue). After that, it will be possible at any time to teleport to the fire from any other. But you can use the checkpoint one time. Thus, due to the limited number of, try to save fragments and do not try to create checkpoints at every step.
  • The short route, you can use constantly. You find such route after major battles. Find them - just keep going down.

Kill opponents and dump them into the cache to get the fragments for checkpoints.

The cache will open after you get to the third tier. You can store additional things in it. Interact with any fire to get access to it. Items in the cache are not lost after the death of the main character.

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