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How to find all the ashen copies in Torment – Tides of Numenera

How to find all the ashen copies in Torment - Tides of Numenera

When you are at the first large location? Sagus Cliffs, then visit the region of the Cliff's Edge and find the entrance to the The Fifth Eye Tavern. Inside, there will be the Ghostly Woman. Talk with her, go through the tests to start a new side quest Ashen Imitation.

ATTENTION! You will have to let the Woman strangle you.

How to perform the quest Ashen Imitation numenera in Torment - Tides of Numenera

You will need to find four ashen copies of the Ghostly Woman. The first three are easy to find:

  • Go to the location Cliff's Edge and go down from the tavern. More than a few children will play to the right. Talk to Avina - a girl with a flute in hands. Tell her that she reminds you of a woman from a tavern. The first copy is found.
  • Then climb up from the tavern, to the north. You will see a woman Loss-of-Self. Tell her the same thing. The second copy is found.
  • Finally, return to the area of ​​the Government Square and talk to Sigyn. The woman at the gate to the left. You find third copy.

How to find the last ashen copy Ghostly Woman in Torment - Tides of Numenera

But the last copy is not so easy to find. Her name is Seria. There is another additional quest connected with her, called The Sorrow's Prey.

How to pass the quest The Sorrow's Prey in Torment - Tides of Numenera

Go to the location called the Circus Minor and communicate with a sculptor named Zaofi. So this quest will begin.

Follow the Underbelly and go to the Dendra O'hour Сhapel. There are several sunbeds here. You need to inspect the second from the top counterclockwise. After that, you must speak with Imbit. It is very important!

Follow the back to the edge of the cliff and go to the left side, where the ruins of the house will be. Study them, and then talk to one of the three monks below.

You should see the inscription that a new reflection has appeared in the Labyrinth.

Go to the children who walk down from the Fifth Eye Tavern. Talk with same Avina and she returns an object to you - an interdimensional puzzle. You can examine it and try to solve it, but you will not succeed.

Go to Tranquility on the top location. Ask her to put you into a trance. In the maze you can talk to the ghost of the Seria.

The portal is opened. Through it you will return to the location with the woman. Communicate with each of the copies, and then talk to the Ghostly Man - this is the father of that very Ghostly Woman. Talk with him.

Return to the ordinary world. Wait, when you will find yourself in the location of the Buried Crossroads. You can get there during quest The Cold, Calculating Jack. There is a transition in the lower left part of their den. Interact with the machine and turn it off.

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