How to get all the endings in Metro Exodus

How to get all the endings in Metro Exodus

At the moment, we found two endings for Metro Exodus. But before proceeding further, I want to say that SPOILERS are waiting for you ahead!

So, during the game, you can perform side quests, and also kill or stun various opponents. And if in the case of bandits it does not affect anything, then, for example, when you pass through the pioneer camps in Taiga, your bad actions can lead to a sadder ending.

Miller dies no matter what ending you get. But further events are associated with earlier decisions. They’re trying to save Artyom after strong irradiation, for which they decide to transfuse blood. And if your team includes all the people with whom you went on a trip earlier, then Artyom will be safe. And this finale will be more vivid.

On the other hand, if you lose two people (they don’t necessarily die, they simply won’t be able to share blood or don’t want), then Artyom will die. For example, you can kill the pioneers in Taiga, because of what Alyosha will be shot down at the end of the chapter, as well as pass the Volga; you can kill churchmen and merchants from a boat, which will lead to the death of the Knyaz. As a result, there is not enough blood and Artyom will die.

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