How to kill all bosses in Resident Evil 2 Remake
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How to kill all bosses in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Each boss in Resident Evil 2 Remake has its weak point, and using the right strategy will save you a lot of ammo and medicinal agents.

All bosses in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Birkin (First Stage)

You will come across the first form of William Birkin after Leon or Claire is at the bottom under the police station (under the statue with three medallions). In this meeting, the boss will be only partially mutated. The enemy uses his huge right hand in battle. He will haunt you by location. If the boss will stymie Leon, he will grab hero to apply a death blow.

Боссы в Resident Evil 2 Remake
Resident Evil 2 Remake

Battle Tips:

  • Aim for the eye. Shoot Birkin’s head or his shoulder until an eye appears. If you deal enough damage, the boss will be temporarily stunned. An eye will open on his body. At this moment it is desirable to shoot from the best weapon.
  • Equip a combat knife to defend against the capture of Birkin. You can counterattack and run away from him.
  • If he has cornered you, use a flash or ordinary grenade to stun the enemy.
  • At the location there are four places with consumable items. You can find ordinary and noisy grenades, ammunition and medicines.
  • Try not to drive yourself into corners.

Birkin (Second Stage)

This battle will be shorter and will happen after you restore power to the sewer. As soon as you solve the puzzle with chess pieces, you will be ambushed by Birkin. First, he will attack with his hand. Just avoid it. Then Birkin breaks down the door. Go around and run from the boss to the platform. You need to aim in his eyes to defeat the enemy. Shoot until the enemy is stunned, and then click on the switch to attack him with a container on the crane. Hit twice and the battle will be over.

Боссы в Resident Evil 2 Remake
Resident Evil 2 Remake

Battle Tips:

  • At the first stage, try to avoid the holes that Birkin made in the ceiling. He will attack quickly. Move and stay away from fire. In the end, Birkin will break the door, and you can run away from him.
  • Birkin is very aggressive and in will attack you on the platform. Dodge to the right side just before the attack. Make sure that you have enough places for maneuvers.
  • Again, aim at the opponent's eye. This time it will always be open. Keep firing until Birkin drops to his knee. He will be stunned for a long time, and you will have time to press the switch and launch the container on the crane into it. If you do it twice, then win the battle.

Birkin (Third Stage)

Birkin's third form will turn him into a more massive and powerful monster. It will appear after Leon (or Claire) takes a sample of the G-virus. This is a fast, strong and very fast enemy that can kill the main character. Avoid his attacks and shoot three eyes at the monster’s torso. Two eyes are in front and one on the back behind. When you shoot all three, a weak spot will appear. Repeat this again, after which the weak point will be constantly open.

Боссы в Resident Evil 2 Remake
Resident Evil 2 Remake

Battle Tips:

  • Birkin is incredibly aggressive in battle. Most likely, you will need 1-2 medications. Search the area to collect ammo and drugs.
  • Use the exact weapon. For example, a standard pistol that allows you to quickly destroy three eyes on the body of Birkin. When Birkin tries to throw garbage (equipment in the laboratory), then you shoot the eye on his back. This is the right moment to destroy it.
  • If you shoot off all three eyes, you will see a weak spot. Use a revolver, shotgun or other powerful weapon to cause damage to the enemy. Open in a weak spot two times and use a powerful weapon. Now it will be available until the end of the battle.
  • When the boss shows a weak spot, the battle is nearing completion. Keep firing until you kill him.

 How to kill Tiran

At the end of Leon's scenario, you will run into Tiran. This is the most difficult boss in the game. Stock up on medications and ammunition. Take at least one grenade and save at the end of the battle. His head is still a vulnerable spot, but still it’s best to aim at a heart.

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