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How to Kill boss Abyss Watchers Dark Souls 3

How to Beat Abyss Watchers?

All players will meet for the first time this boss of the five Lords Ashes, which must be killed based on the storyline of Dark Souls 3. The battle will be difficult enough, but if you know what to do, whom to attack, how to move, then your problems are minimized.

What happens during the first phase of the battle? In addition you will fight two more enemies that will attack the main boss. Make that enemies attack the boss, not your hero. Just run away from them. When these two enemies are killed, then wait for their re-emergence. By the way, maybe one of these enemies is to help the boss, and the other - to attack them both. If you will touch him, then he will become aggressive towards you. That's why we recommend to stay on the sidelines.

In the second step, you have to fight with the Abyss Watchers alone. He has a huge flaming sword. Try to be as far as possible, when the enemy makes crushing blows in a circle. You should not block such attacks. It is better to avoid. If you have a ranged character, expose the distance and look for the point in time when you can shoot at the enemy.

You can block the attack with the help of shield if you have endurance of at least 112 points. But remember that the last blow of the circular attack still hit your shield.

Periodically, the boss will stop after a series of blows. Then you can get close to him behind his back and make a critical strike.

In the second stage a fight with the boss there is a splendid one strategy: run to him at point blank range and wait for the implementation of three attacks. Then beat in the back! Then the enemy attack another series of strokes, making it HP reserves instantly evaporate.

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