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How to Kill boss Curse-Rotted Greatwood Dark Souls 3

How to Beat Curse-Rotted Greatwood?

Third boss is additional opponent. It is not easy to defeat enemy. Try to kill common opponents, surrounding the tree. In combat you have to attack not just a Greatwood, and growths that occur on it. Mobs will appear indefinitely on the first stage of the battle. Attack those growths which are located on the stomach of monster.

When a monster health will be less than half, he destroys the floor and you fall down. But smaller opponents disappear. Please note that the growths appear on the back, or even the fanny of monster.

The tactics: inflict several blows (2-3 attacks), go in the direction. Then again step up and repeat the procedure.

If you do not see the growths, look for them on his legs (mostly in those parts, which are located closer to the body). It will also growths and brush on the enemy.

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