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How to Kill boss Old Demon King Dark Souls 3

How to Beat Old Demon King?

Before you one extra boss the game Dark Souls 3. The battle is simple. It can be found at a secret location.

Do you remember the place where you fought with High Lord Wolnir? If you have not yet fought, you can close this article to better times. If so, go back towards the rope bridge and hit to these ropes to the bridge fell. Follow below from the shore, where the war with High Lord Wolnir. Find a fire, light it. Go for burning the trees to see the old Demon King.

It is recommend to stock up before the battle a variety of throwing weapons. Why? The boss is very fixed, so you can stay away from him and use magic to attack him, crossbow or bow.

If you want not to fight; you can cheat! The boss uses breathing fire and hammer blows in the first phase of the battle. From all this you can easily avoid. The second stage will meteorites and magic. Run away far away, so that the boss will not be able to get you. The second step is strictly forbidden to come point blank and continuously attack at random.

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