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How to kill bosses in Mother Russia Bleeds?

Walkthrough Mother Russia Bleeds

In this article you will learn how to kill all bosses in the game Mother Russia Bleeds. Read more below!

How to kill the first boss Mother Russia Bleeds?

Level 1: Labyrinth

As soon as you will see the enemy, you have to run away from side. It is difficult to jump opponent. After two attacks, when the boss is waving his arms and trying to push or grab you by the neck, he will use a syringe. Attack the enemy. Continue this action until victory.

How to kill the second boss in Mother Russia Bleeds?

Level 2 Prison

You need to kill the warden. You will be in the locker room. Break cabinet with glass door, to find the guns. Take by keys O and throw it. Repeat two more times. By the way, the number of guns depends on the level of complexity. Be careful, because guards can pick up guns.

So, move through locations continuously, without stopping as long as the boss does not begin to reload his weapons. Avoid the red beam from a sniper rifle of one of the guards. In general, shoot the boss when he reloads his weapons, then wait again and repeat the procedure.

How to kill the third boss in Mother Russia Bleeds?

Level 3. Settlement

It is necessary to kill the fat man. From left to right it moves some transport with grind. If you will go under it, you will die. It happens with any enemy on the location. At the same time you have to push a boss - a huge gazoony. It is best to use the drug yourself, and then beat the enemy at the run and box. For the run you need to press twice the button of direction. Also, you can use the button E, while press K to punch. So you're the boss to push for a certain distance. You will need to spend 2-3 times to push the boss to the thresher.

How to kill the fourth boss in Mother Russia Bleeds?

Level 4. Train

You are fighting against a man in military uniform with a night vision device. A train is going on the  rails. You will learn that the train travels at first at the top, and then - on the lower path. And so on without end. Your friend will throw some items like grenades on the battlefield. Pick them by the O key, and then wait the vibrating rails. Stand up to them and wait for the boss and throw items at him (press O). At the time, he will be stunned. The train will cross him. So it is necessary to repeat several times.

How to kill the fifth boss in Mother Russia Bleeds?

5. Level Club

Here you need to beat the freak with ax and a chain. Avoid his hook, which he is trying to catch you and pull yourself. Right and left, there are people in red clothes. Come to them, press the O button to grab them, and then repeat pressing to throw in the direction of the boss. He falls down. At this time, you run to him and beat. As soon as you see a raised hand with an ax, then you need to run away.

You can throw usual opponents in masks of pigs in the boss.

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