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How to kill bosses in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

I put here description of tactics of the battle with the bosses. The level of difficulty "Insanity"

Boss Mia (How to kill the boss Mia)

Battle in the basement

What the devil has gotten into your wife? First, you will meet her when you come out of the basement. You will have a knife in the hands (during the QTE), when you take the ax, you will fight with her. At the beginning of battle she will use a wooden stake. Shot for the head, and she runs away.

Battle in the attic

Later, you meet Mia in the attic. But first you need to search the attic. There you can find a variety of ammunition and first aid kit. Once you are on a ladder near the window, you'll see Mia. She wants to enter through the window. Get off the stairs and walk back to the wall. Otherwise, the ladder falls and touches you. But this time the boss Mia has the chainsaw in hand. Run into the room with the open door and immediately lock it. Go back. Take a gun and aim at her head. You need to act quickly in the moment when Mia opens door. It will not kill her. Again run into the next room and close the door. At this time, the boss will not cut the door, and she saws the wall behind you. Now you can walk around and shoot her. But you don’t kill her with bullets. Use the ax. Walk around it and hit the ax. Use the appropriate key to dodge against Mia’s blows.

Boss Jack (How to kill the boss Jack)

Battle in the garage

Jack is head of the family. The first battle will take place in the garage of the house. Take the gun from the floor. There is a master key to the left of the entrance in the garage. Take it. Use the master key to the box on the left. Take the car keys. Get in the car and drive on Jack. Kill boss against the wall.

Battle in the basement

The second and last battle with (normal) Jack will be in the basement. At first, Jack will use the ax. Shoot in the head. Jack wants to change his instrument of murder. Take a chainsaw from the floor. Turn it on and go around an opponent and strikes. Avoid the attack of Jack, while he will try to threaten you. Be careful. Saw will be turned off. Turn it on again. You must be a safe distance from the enemy, so he will not attack you. Apply strokes and you win the head of the family.

Boss Margarita (How to kill the boss Margarita)

Battle with Margarita will be in an old house. It moves on the walls and on the ceiling. But she does so not very fast; thereby she is giving you a chance to strike her. There is a beehive, which is located between her legs. This is her weak point. Aim and shoot there. You will need a large amount of ammunition to defeat this boss. Look for ammo. Margaret loves to make a beehive. Try to destroy it. Use the flamethrower. Also, the boss can jump on top, but she talks about it. At this point you should be accelerated. Be careful, it also uses the cracks in the walls, windows, holes in the ceiling and the floor to attack. Use flamethrower.

Boss Monster Jack (How kill the monster Jack)

When you killed Jack in the basement, he promised to return. So he returns in the form of a monster. This time, he's big and slow. It is your main advantage. Jack hits by his big paw. Turn right and jump down and climb up again. Collect ammo. You need it. You must have a large amount of ammunition to kill this monster. I advise you have 7-8 bullets for the shotgun for the final battle. So weak point of Jack - this is the point of an eye. Shoot them. Your advantage is that Jack may strike only if you are in front of him or away. If you are on the side you are safe.

Boss Evelyn (How to kill Evelyn)

Evelyn is the final boss. It is not difficult to win her. The main problem is the large number of ammunition. So you need take ammo and kill her.

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