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How to get all endings in the demo Detroit: Become Human

How to get all six endings in the demo Detroit: Become Human

Demo of the upcoming PS4-exclusive Detroit: Become Human became available in the PlayStation Store. In it, the player is offered to play for the advanced android detective Connor and save the hostage. The mad robot Daniel wants to kill the hostage. The success of the mission depends only on the actions of the player. The chapter has six different endings, and in this article we will tell you how to get each of them.

Deviant was shot by snipers

This ending can be called the best - Connor is trying to persuade Daniel to let the girl go, after which snipers kill the deviant android. To get it, the player needs to gain the trust of the criminal, and for this it is necessary to achieve a high probability of success of the mission.

To increase the probability of success, you need investigate all the evidence in the apartment, before you go on the roof. Detective mode will help you detect active points, which is activated by the R2 button. At the crime scene you will find:

  •  The gun case in the room where Connor was talking to Captain Allen. After studying it, you will learn that the android took th
  • e weapons of the head of the family.The tablet on the table in the nursery - so you learn the name of the deviant and the fact that they were close to the hostage.
  • Headphones in the same room - Connor will understand that the child did not hear the shots.
  • In the hall, there is the corpse of the girl's father. After studying the evidence, Connor learns that Daniel wanted to be replaced by another android - this will unlock an additional option in a subsequent dialogue with the criminal.
  • The body of the policeman before the roof exit - after analyzing what happened, you will find a pistol.
  • In the same place, before the roof exit, there is a children's sneaker, and next to it is a spot of blood of the deviant.

If you have studied all the evidence quickly enough, then before you go the roof, the probability of success should be 80-85%.

Next, you will have a dialogue with android. You need to do his requirements. Go to the wounded policeman, but do not put a tourniquet on him. When Daniel asks, you need to recall the helicopter. Choose calm, friendly options for answers. Do not blame Daniel for anything. When the opportunity appears, use the unlocked answers of the investigation - "Possible cause" and "Emma and you". If you did everything correctly, then after the scene with the helicopter the probability of success should be equal to 99%. Then choose "Trust", "Compromise" and "Calm". Mission is completed!

Connor shot the deviant

It is another good ending, in which Connor personally kills the deviant. To get it, before you go on the roof, you need to study the body of a policeman and pick up a pistol. We also recommend not to offend the criminal and you can follow the recommendations from the previous paragraph. Lie to Daniel that you do not have weapons. Slowly approach the android, and after a scene with a helicopter, ask him to trust you. When the deviant demands a car, select "Pull out the gun" and "Kill".

Connor is dying to save Emma

It is relatively good ending - Connor dies, but the girl remains alive. Slowly approach the deviant, do not follow the requests of the criminal and blame him. After the scenes with the helicopter you can choose "Bluff" and "Come closer". During QTE, quickly click on "X" - Connor will push the girl away, and he will fall along with the deviant.

Connor is dying, defending Emma

It is relatively good ending, in which Connor sacrifices himself to save the hostage. After the scene with the helicopter, ask Daniel to trust you, and after he demands a car, choose "Donate yourself."

Deviant shot Connor

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