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How to play Bloodhounds in Apex Legends

How to play Bloodhounds in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a new, royal battle from the creators of Titanfall, in which you can control various Legends (a total of eight heroes are available). Below we will talk about the first character, the Pathfinder Bloodhound, read about his passive and active skills.

Brief information

Bloodhound is a techno-follower who perfectly manifests himself in intelligence and threat detection. His various skills will allow you to find trails of enemies and traps that they left behind. Information is power, so learn how to use it correctly. Bloodhound is extremely effective both in offensive and in other tactics.

Bloodhound Story

He is expert in the field of hunting and technology, a hunter sent by the gods. The Bloodhound came to Wild Earth to take part in the greatest hunt. This is all that is known about him. His identity remains a mystery, since his face is hidden under the mask. There are various rumors about Bloodhound. For example, it is said that he comes from a rich family or is a bloodthirsty killer, a friend of Goliath and so on.

But there is no doubt that the Bloodhound will not be offended during the gladiatorial game Apex. His hunting skills make him a real gift for his team, since Legend is able to detect and destroy hidden enemies.

Bloodhound Skills

Passive Ability Tracker

Pathfinder is the passive skill of the Bloodhound. He allows him to automatically highlight the nearby trails that were left by his opponents. You will know how long ago the enemy left one or another trail.

Tactical active skill Eye of the Allfather

Recharge time: 35 seconds.

The AllFather's Eye allows you to scan the area around to detect the presence of enemy units. If the enemy is nearby, then a marker will appear on it, and you will be able to see the exact location of the enemy. When you use the Eye of the AllFather, you can temporarily see through the walls and a smoke screen.

This skill works great when you hear footsteps, but do not know where they come from. If you see that the door to the building is open or fresh traces are found, then there is a possibility that the enemy is hiding somewhere around the corner. Feel free to activate the skill.

Ultimate Ability: Beast of the Hunt

Beast of the Hunt is the superpower of Bloodhound. For a very long time, your eyesight becomes black and white. The only color that appears besides them is red, highlighting the traces of the enemy nearby or the opponents themselves. In addition to this bonus, you move much faster.

Pay attention to the number of tracks you see in this mode. Fighting a full detachment of three enemies is dangerous, but if you find a lone track, then you follow the enemy.


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