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The Inpatient: the location of all memories

Location of all collectible memories in the game The Inpatient

In The Inpatient you have to plunge into the hero's past and learn his history. You need to find a total of 21 collection objects. And these collectibles in the game are memories. Each memory will move you to a short sequence that will allow you to study the history of a psychological object that first appeared in Until Dawn.

The Inpatient is an exclusive horror adventure game for the PlayStation 4. In this game, an unsuccessful group of teenagers ran into an abandoned haven in the mountains.

If you miss at least one item, you will have to restart at the very beginning of the game. The search for all 21 memories will open access to "The Bitter Truth".

Memory № 1

January 14, 1952 - it is impossible to miss. You will automatically collect this memory at the beginning of the game.

Memory № 2

January 30, 1952 - after a short training you will eventually get control. Take the paper from the bedside table and turn it over to find this memory.

Memory № 3

January 29, 1952 - when you meet your own cellmate, a nurse will appear who will bring food. Touch the lighted sheet in the window of your camera.

A nurse

Memory № 4

January 21, 1952 - the protagonist wakes up as a result of an alarm. A nurse will appear and bring food, after which she will leave. Take the memory from the mug on the left side of the door where the nurse was.

Memory № 5

January 20, 1952 - you will have a short dialogue with a cellmate. He will offer to relax and save your energy. Check the camera door - the closed window will glow. This is the memory.

Memory № 6

January 16, 1952 - your cellmate will share a cockroach with the main character. Go to the window to talk. When the conversation is completed, then step back and look at the calendar hanging on the wall, on the right side of the door.

Memory № 7

January 14, 1952 - finally, you can leave your own cell. Examine the hallway and find the body of the guard. There is an entrance to the pantry on the left side of the body - go there and touch the calendar on the wall on the left.

Memory № 8

January 14, 1952 - go down the corridor past the jailer and take a look at the door on the right side, where there will be a camera with the inscription "William Bates". Inside there is a luminous object.


Memory № 9

January 14, 1952 - immediately after the previous memory, go to the general area and go through the double door on the left. Take the luminous paper on the table in the middle of the room and turn it over.

Memory № 10

January 14, 1952 - go down the elevator to go to the medical room on the left side. Enter the small office in the corner of the cabinet and interact with the chart on the table.

Memory № 11

January 14, 1952 - On the first floor, go to a long room with beds. Examine the muzzle on the pillow in the upper right corner.

Memory № 12

January 14, 1952 - you will meet with the survivors in the doctor's office. You will follow the nurse through the hall, then to the stairs. Before you go up, find a corridor on the left side of the camera. Inspect the corridor. There is a luminous object in the window of closed door. It is the memory.


Memory № 13

January 14, 1952 - when you leave the interior to go through the yard, you will find a sign (and a little to the left of it) behind the door in front. Study it for another memory. Take it before you reach the church.

Memory № 14

January 14, 1952 - in the church, go up and go to the back balcony to find a glowing candle. Study it to get one more memory.

Memory № 15

January 14, 1952 - you get up from the wheelchair. Turn right and find a small glowing box inside the metal cages in the old tunnels under the church. It's very difficult to find a memory!

Memory № 16

January 14, 1952 - still in the underground tunnels follow the path with the survivors. You will enter the room with a desk on the main road. Take away the luminous sheet of paper lying on the table - you cannot miss it.

Memory № 17

January 14, 1952 - after a previous memory, a little later, your group will stop. Continue and look forward until you find a dining room that is not optional. There will be a luminous bottle. Interact with it.

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