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The Inpatient: the location of all memories


Memory № 18

January 14, 1952 - follow the survivors up the stairs. At the top, enter the room on the left side. There will be a laundry with a lab coat that you can study.

Memory № 19

January 13, 1952 - later in the game you take the elevator up to the second floor. Go to the cable car and turn left - there is a poster on the wall with which you can interact. Do these before you enter in the booth.

Memory № 20

January 13, 1952 - before you enter in the cable car, you can explore the surroundings and pick up the last two memories. The next one is on the first floor. Go back to the elevator and go down by pressing 1F. Touch the door on the left to start the memory.

Memory № 21

January 13, 1952 - the last memory is in the lobby. Go back to the elevator and click on L.

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